Clueless: Houston 3

As the laps ticked off, did anyone else get the feeling that Roczen wasn’t going to win H3? I’m not saying he isn’t capable, it’s just that with Webb closing up and lapped traffic coming into play, something was bound to happen. As it was, that ‘something’ was Dean Wilson. It sucks because Deano is a good dude and while he apologised and Roczen has accepted that, it’ll take a long time for people to forget what he did on Saturday night. At least until something crazy happens in Indy…

  • Not gonna lie, I sounded like Tom Hanks at the end of that 450 main event*
  • Pretty sure I said this before but the best way to get Webb to move forward, is to put Roczen in front of him
  • Buying = Biding
  • As if the sand section wasn’t tough enough, they figured adding a human obstacle would up the ante
  • Maybe the Alpinestar dude was called Mark, and Ricky wanted riders to hit him?
  • Ba-boom-tish
  • Well raced Colt Nichols, even if we did miss your first pass for the lead
  • “That pass wont age well”
  • ^ I liked that line though
  • It was disappointing to see that Forkner and Hampshire didn’t ride H3
  • It was even more disappointing to learn that it wasn’t the result of an epic bout of fisticuffs between the pair
  • Speaking of which, kudos to Poirier
  • Mosiman vs Lawrence was a Sheheen dream come true
  • Red GasGas vs Red Honda in case you didn’t realise
  • Hand feels empty as Woodcock crashes out
  • At time of writing, 6561 people had written comments on Deano’s IG post
  • Before H3, he was averaging 100 comments
  • You’d think that at least 90% of those people would realise their comment will get lost in the aether
  • East coast is looking a little thin right now
  • Feels weird to have to wait a whole week before the next race
  • *It’s a Castaway reference for you younger folk
  • He had a beach ball called Wilson… you wouldn’t understand unless you’ve seen the film

Title Photo: Ryne Swanberg / Octopi Media

Written by Coney Island Dog

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