Clueless, Arlington 3: Is This a “Must-BLANK” Situation?

The last couple of weeks have proved that if you give a holeshot to a rider with ‘Cooper’ in their name, that rider makes it a pretty boring race. Arlington 2 proved that for Mr Webb, while Arlington 3 (too soon to call it A3?) showed that Justin is the cream of this talented ‘west’ coast crop. I hope neither take offense that it’d be better, if they start around fourth place when the series resumes in Atlanta for another *ahem* residency, but truly, that is what us fans want.

  • Serious question, did anyone think Roczen would hold off Webb for the whole race?
  • Other than RC, I mean
  • If ever there was a “must-BLANK” situation, that was it
  • The 250 race was pretty damn boring…
  • Except for Hunter launching into the nets
  • Which they actually showed on replay during the race (mainly because nothing else happened)
  • It is nice when a positive step for rider safety works though
  • Not a fan of the usage of the word ‘residency’
  • Speaking of fans… where was Rutledge?
  • Was he too busy doing 15-minute monologues on other podcasts?
  • Why has it taken so long to get a decent set of whoops
  • Although they could still be longer
  • I appreciate that Monster needs to be in the broadcast every 3.7 seconds but a split-screen showing a “battle” for 8th between the Yamaha riders while Roczen, Webb, Tomac and Barcia are going at it?
  • Definitely not needed
  • Besides, you’ve got Todd Harris saying the word every mid-sentence
  • It seems wrong that Coty Schock only gets mentioned when he crashes, despite getting good starts
  • I don’t really think Sexton can be blamed for Webb winning
  • Webb was just being Webb
  • Before the final west coast round, can the AMA make sure to penalise the top riders so that Cooper, McAdoo and Lawrence are on the same points?
  • Two weekends off, are you kidding me?
  • It’s almost like we want the riders to come into a race fresh or something?!


  1. @Ross – you must be new to this column. Take into account the name of it, re-read the things listed, and deduce where all these might’ve come from. And then read it with an English accent, as Bulmer actually has. It definitely adds to the humor.

Written by Coney Island Dog

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