Clueless: Indy 2

I came very close to not doing this article. I almost felt bad because there was so much (dumb) stuff that happened on the night, that it would be almost too easy to rip into it all. However, the dust has settled a bit, and whilst obviously comments need to be made, lets try and look at things from a humorous standpoint, rather than the “I’m going to slaughter the AMA’s first-born child” angle… or not….

  • Can’t wait to see also those awesome whip/celebration shots of Colt Nichols crossing the line
  • Oh wait
  • My wish was delivered with Barcia getting a start
  • Musquin and Osborne, still not so much
  • On Saturday the pits should be filled with privateers swapping out engines, in order to get DQ’d, in order to get reinstated, in order to get put into the main event
  • I mean, that’s what happened, right?
  • At what stage does Tomac decide not to sit behind Barcia… I give it one more race of eating roost
  • Does Colt need to do something outrageous to get talked about?
  • Even Jett pushing a mechanics cart gets more coverage
  • Seriously gutted for Mosiman to lose the lead like that
  • Would be nice if track lengths were longer so the leaders weren’t hitting (literally) lappers after like four laps
  • According to the rules, Bobby Piazza shouldn’t have been allowed to race
  • But he shouldn’t have to watch another guy, who shouldn’t have been allowed to race, race, either
  • I’m no rocket surgeon but if laptimes are 49 seconds-ish, and a main event is 15mins + 1 lap… then there is no way that a total race length can be 15mins and 45 seconds
  • Roczen made that a bit boring
  • Can’t believe Plessinger is getting grief for getting passed by Webb on the last lap
  • It is literally Webb’s M.O.
  • Tough block placement is leaving a lot to be desired right now
  • Can we swap to the west coast already, so some of the east coast guys can heal up?

Written by Coney Island Dog

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