5 Things We Learned at H3: “Webb Just Needs THAT Carrot”

Photo: Ryne Swanberg / Octopi Media

The Bubble Works?
I’ll be honest here. I thought there was absolutely 0 chance that we’d make it through even the first round without seeing a rider, team member, or team as a whole be taken out of contention because of a positive Covid test. When thinking through storylines for other projects, I’ve been wondering if this scenario will be a headline this season. While we were fortunate to make it through Houston I just can’t see it not coming in to play at some point in time. Cross our fingers, though. And I’ll go ahead and knock on wood, too. Seriously I just did.

Cooper Webb Just Needs a Carrot. But Not Just Any Carrot.

Photo: Ryne Swanberg / Octopi Media

We’ve now seen this scenario, what, 107 times? The last few weeks rounds you could just read the frustration in Cooper Webb. Whatever it is, bike, mental or otherwise, Cooper just hasn’t been Cooper. But we now officially, officially know how to change that. Give Coop a good start and just put that certain special carrot in front of him; that carrot specifically being Ken Roczen. This formula just sets the Webbinator up for complete and utter destruction. Ken might’ve been pulling a bit of a lead in the early stages of the 450 main event, but hell if we didn’t all see it coming at the halfway point. Sure, he might’ve had a bit of help with the whole Deano incident, but he made it happen nonetheless. And pretty much all you can say is touché, Coop, touché. Seventh to second in points, only one point out of the red plate. What a baller ass move.

Photo: Ryne Swanberg / Octopi Media
Photo: Ryne Swanberg / Octopi Media

#VurbShredTour Pops off Even with Houston Happening

Photo: Blake Keith

A little bit of a shameless plug here because we’re hyped. Nearly 1000 people through the gate for our first event back since 2015 (or was it 2016? Who’s counting). We love to have a good time and we’d say it’s evident the people do, too… and they have spoken. More fun times and dirtbikes will continue.

Forkner Just Can’t Catch a Break

I’m gutted for this guy. That’s all there really is to say. RJ, too, for that matter. We had an awesome championship battle setting up for the 250 East Coast class and we had two (nearly three) championship contenders taken out of the points chase in one single round. Watching either (I’ll actually say both) eventually win a championship will be similar to the relief we all felt for AC. It’s going to happen…. It is going to happen.

Hoping both of these dudes the best.

Captain Obvious. The 450 Class is No F*&R%*& Joke!

Photo: Ryne Swanberg / Octopi Media

Three rounds, three winners, and you can tell NO ONE is relenting. Only 10 points still separate the top 8, while Ken, Coop, and BamBam are basically neck-in-neck. I’d say Ken and Barcia both look in the best fashion we’ve ever seen, and we all know what happens once Webb catches that first win. Add in the fact Osborne just hasn’t had the best of luck, Marvin fell off his stride from round 1 but will certainly get it back, and Tomac is sitting in a quiet fourth this early, this season is just going to POP. I reckon Ferrandis could pull off a race win this year and Anderson will do some homework to put himself up towards the front, too. All this adds up to quite a few title spoilers and I’m glad I’m not too much of a betting man right now. I seriously don’t know who I’d throw my money on. Wait, I didn’t even mention AC… holy S%&^ you get the point.

PulpMX Fantasy is Tough

For me, at least. I finally got all eight fellas into the main event this time around, and I was jumping for joy. I’m sitting about like Zach Osborne right now in our vurbmoto group, but I can assure you I’m morning a comeback. I’m as fast as anyone, right? I just need to catch a little luck. Coming for you DannyStuDog.

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