Clueless, Indy 3: The Torch Has Been Passed to Vince Friese

Another race weekend and the torch has well and truly been passed on from Deano, to the AMA, and now to Vince Friese. He is the gift that keeps giving and while on its own, this incident doesn’t look too bad… you have to consider other reports about him racing the top guys when getting lapped, Mookie running out of patience and Roczen doing him dirty a few races ago… unless we live in a vacuum, which I certainly don’t. Thankfully the rule about ‘only being able to comment on races if you’re there’ seems to have been relaxed so here’s some more insight in the third and final Indy…

  • If Ken had gone any more inside on that last corner, he’d have taken the line that lappers should take
  • Not surprised the riders don’t know the blue flag rule… the non-RC commentator certainly doesn’t
  • I think his name is Steve Martin
  • The Colts have never gone undefeated at home… ever
  • Think about that
  • “Crafty passes”
  • “cat and mouse”
  • It was like who could say those phrases more times
  • Jo Shimoda was second… you wouldn’t have seen this
  • Vince Friese… End message
  • The fact Nichols passed 83 riders and no one else could pass one, actually makes it worse
  • It was a truly awful track design
  • Is there another Lawrence brother out there, called Colt?!
  • Showing highlights from how Webb caught and passed Roczen, whilst Webb is trying to catch and pass Roczen… WITH ONE LAP TO GO… not cool
  • When does the West Coast start?
  • Oh right, when we reach… Orlando?!?
  • When you think the AMA officials do a bad job, you watch the Super Bowl and realize that officials do crappy jobs in all sports

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Written by Coney Island Dog

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