Clueless, Orlando 2; Mcadoo About Nothing

Another week, another flagging controversy. This time, a medical crew member seemed to be shocked that he was hit as he entered a live race track… where the riders were being directed by another chap flagging. While it was almost a Keystone Cops moment, the real problem was that Alex Martin was caught up in the incident and that just really should never happen and hopefully will never again.

Thankfully though, now we get to head even further east (?!) to Daytona for the second west coast round.

  • I was truly excited for the west coast to begin
  • Until I tuned in and saw both Martin brothers out and Smith crash within three laps
  • Anyone who hits a track worker should get DQ’d
  • Is the rule I’d make, if a few weeks ago I hadn’t seen a screenshot of a medic taking a Saturday afternoon stroll across the track in front of Justin Barcia
  • Joey Crown just wanted some solid TV coverage, I guess
  • Although there are better ways than hammering into a corner pole whilst being lapped
  • Ferrandis had an interesting main event… not that you’d have known about it from the broadcast
  • The question isn’t “why was Mrs Universe on RDL?” it is… why hasn’t she been on before?!?!!!!
  • For once, they couldn’t zoom in close enough…
  • I feel like the ‘Marchbanks having a chip on his shoulder’ might get mentioned once or twice more
  • Fair play to Mcadoo for apologising, but the whole situation was a mess
  • It was great to see Max Anstie out racing again!
  • And holding off Deano too
  • Orlando is on the west coast
  • Which would make sense if you’ve never looked at a map before
  • Other than Webb, can anyone pass Barcia? Serious question
  • And Musquin, I guess…
  • Not saying there is an Austrian conspiracy going on
  • Let’s hope we never have to do another race with that layout ever again
  • Not even in another 10 years’ time

Written by Coney Island Dog

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