Clueless, Arlington 1: The Ultimate Commentary Cuck

Once again Rutledge Wood was thrust upon us for this Arlington SX, and while I don’t have much knowledge of him outside of his previous SX appearances, he really doesn’t seem to be a popular guy amongst the hardcore-fans… and because of this, when Jordon Smith crashed (hope you’re okay, Jordon), it did provide the moment for RC turning RW into the ultimate commentary cuck…

After his “interesting” pitboard segment, RW was in the middle of asking RC about fan noise during the actual 250 race, but midway through, Smith crashed in front of McAdoo and rather than let RW finish, or indeed answer the question… RC let out a heartfelt “OOOOOHH”, prompting the production team to completely cut-off RW mid-stream and remove his little box from the screen. It’s about as emasculating a thing that can happen to a guy who doesn’t get much screen-time to begin with, and quite frankly, it couldn’t have happened to a more appropriate guy.

  • It was a small moment, but an ever-so gratifying one
  • Probably more exciting than the 450 main event
  • A championship really isn’t about how many laps you lead
  • Do Nick Romano, Levi Kitchen and the other 53 members of Star Racing need to be careful of #21 as well?
  • Hope Musquin heals up from his crash, that apparently happened in a black hole (EDIT: watch here)
  • Was anyone else surprised when they heard that Malcom was retaliating from an earlier incident with Anderson?
  • Was anyone also surprised when RC announced that the AMA were looking into Anderson, for that incident
  • And after seeing the original pass, was anyone still surprised that the AMA were looking into Anderson?
  • Thankfully nothing seems to have come of it
  • Kudos to Malcom for owning his part of the retaliation…
  • I’m not sure a throttle has got stuck that much since Scalextric went out of fashion
  • That rut (no not that Rut) was not lucky number seven
  • It was awesome to see Mcadoo get that pumped for Hammaker

One Comment

  1. Spot On! I had to write to NBC telling them NO RW and More Daniel Blair. We want knowledgeable, respected, professional commentary. Not clownish, goofs.

Written by Coney Island Dog

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