Clueless, Orlando 1; Not Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable

I think the previous rounds must have heightened my anticipation too much, because I was kind of let down by events in Orlando. Perhaps it was the rain that fell, but didn’t affect the main, or perhaps it was just the fact that the track produced approximately three passes, two of which were done by Cooper Webb in one corner. Either way, lets head west and see what those 250 guys have got for us on the brand new coast…

  • Apparently they had a race in Orlando in 2007?
  • Marks have changed to lines
  • Pretty sure I could guess the four riders in the top four of the east coast in my sleep
  • Craig hurt his hand
  • “Not comfortable feeling uncomfortable”
  • I can’t work out if that makes sense or not?
  • It’s two negatives, so does that make it “comfortable feeling comfortable”? Is that any better?
  • Shorter legs for Osborne don’t help in the whoops
  • Guess who pointed that out…
  • Cold weather stopped parts arriving
  • So that reminder light to make Craig feel in the present, wasn’t on his bike in the main
  • Was he in the past, or future?
  • The biblical amount of rain that were forecast, didn’t seem to affect things for the night show so much
  • Anyone else think that Brayton was letting “Roczen bye” but then it turned out to be Webb?
  • That air shock that Cooper was said to be riding, looked like a spring
  • Congrats to Alexander Nagy
  • Cheater line over the tough blocks got replaced by a pole… booooo
  • No Tuesday race? Wtf?!
  • Can’t wait for the series to head west to Orlando so the other coast can get involved
  • Wait a second…


  1. Is it me or have the tracks for the last few years been boring. Especially this year. Not like the early 2000’s – 2010’s

  2. Not just you…. i’ve been pretty unimpressed with the tracks so far. I think we’ve had good racing (at some rounds) despite the tracks not because of them…. they just seem small and tight

Written by Coney Island Dog

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