Clueless: Houston 2

I know, I know, I’m setting myself up for standards that I won’t be able to keep, but what the hell, if riders can do three races in a week, I’m sure I can manage to write three articles… at least until February anyway.

It definitely helps that there is a lot of stuff going on and while I woke up to find that no one knew the points totals, I was able to confirm that Houston 2 did take place and upon further research, lots of action took place too. Although if it was on the little screen-in-screen, the guys in the commentary box definitely couldn’t see it… (can I get an amen Kevin Moranz?).

With that said, here is some more Clueless stuff from Texas…

  • RC seemed like he was doing his best to jinx Jettson
  • Whereas I deliberately ignored writing anything about Jett after H1 to avoid hyping him up too much
  • You are welcome
  • Some of you probably think the RDL cameras were zoomed in a little bit too much
  • But at least you now know the thread count of AC’s new Fox jersey
  • Woodcock and Hand aren’t inseparable but they are close enough
  • Woke up on Sunday morning…. Still no points totals?!
  • Guess adding up two numbers is pretty tricky
  • Ahhh wait… there are penalties to hand out, which I’m sure will be done in a fair and consistent manner that is continued from previous penalties that have been served
  • If Ferrandis did what Forkner did to Hampshire, he’d be looking at one of those double-blind, secret suspensions
  • The best way to get Webb to move forward in a race… put Roczen in front of him
  • It was nice of them to notice that Osborne was closing in on Tomac
  • I’d be getting dizzy doing 29 laps
  • *Insert comment about Herlings and sand section here
  • Pretty sure all the expert journalists who go to the races knew that we’d see Ferrandis and Brayton on the box at H2
  • Just as the haters were ready to rip Barcia a new one, it was discovered he broke his shifter
  • I’m not sure who I’m more disappointed for… Barcia, or the haters

Main image: KTM Images


Written by Coney Island Dog

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