Clueless: Houston 1

Having just watched/listened to Gypsy Tales talk for 17 minutes about how you actually CAN cover the sport of SX/MX without being at the races, I figured it was a good idea to bring Clueless back… because let’s face it, despite him being Australian and talking with a horrible accent (definitely not as good as Belgiumish) he makes some good points. If the only people who know anything about the sport, are the people that go to the races, that is a very, very, very small list of people who can write stuff and that is sad. So yes, the more opinions the better, and if there are more opinions, chances are some of them will be stupid and boom… that makes Clueless a whole lot more enjoyable!

  • The 450 class is deep
  • Struggling to think up something funny regarding the A1 / H1 Red Bull video and all the fans that didn’t enjoy it and were slamming Barcia for being over-hyped
  • Guess I’ll just write that it’s a little bit sad when riders are enjoying things more than the fans they are meant to be entertaining
  • Anyone else feel like we’ve seen that exact same track layout before?
  • And that isn’t a compliment
  • I don’t know what colour any of the bikes are anymore
  • Not sure anyone can doubt how damn good the Star Yamaha is…
  • Five years between wins for Craig has to be a record, right?
  • *Insert Davalos comment here*
  • Just as I was thinking it wasn’t great for Tomac to be behind Friese…
  • He bins it when passing him… how truly ‘boring’
  • Ah no… wait… there was a second incident… much better!
  • “Face of the franchise”
  • But no more BamBam on his helmet?!
  • If only Ken had realised this when he went to pass him on three different occasions
  • Malcolm Stewart, Aaron Plessinger and Dylan Ferrandis were all in the main event… somewhere
  • So was Cooper Webb, behind them
  • When they went to the Max Vohland segment midway through the 250 main, I was about to chuck stuff at the screen…
  • And then they went split-screen and all was well with the world again
  • I really felt like they’d make more of it being GasGas’ first ever SX win
  • Ralph would have
  • “You can’t win a championship at the first round, but you can loose (sic) it”
  • 2018 World SX Champion Jason Anderson apparently needs to work harder
  • On not getting arm pump
  • Tomac, Webb, Sexton and literally anyone else who didn’t need to win, needs to win
  • 28 laps is too many
  • I had ZachO for a top 3… I felt good about my choice right up until the end of the first start straight
  • People have crashed on sighting laps before, NBD… has anyone ever crashed twice on a sighting lap though?!?
  • The innuendos with Hand and Woodcock are hard to ignore

PS. Thank you to Ralph Sheheen for all your service to the sport of supercross. I know I’ve poked a lot of fun at you over the years and maybe it is for this reason that I’m sorry you’re not commentating anymore, but even so, kudos for all the races you brought us. Let’s hope Leigh Diffey and Todd Harris continue to provide me with both coverage and content for the site…

Main image: Octopi Media / Instagram: Octopi Media 


Written by Coney Island Dog

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