Unquotables: San Diego

If you’re new to Unquotables, welcome aboard matey! This is a weekly feature that is filled with quotes that were definitely NOT said by anyone. In fact, Coney Island Dog made them up! It’s completely satire and we love that for us.

Without further ado, these are things that definitely WERE NOT said by the riders or personnel after the third round of the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross Championship, but we all know they were thinking it.

California people: “It’s always 72 and sunny, everywhere in California, so we should always host January SX in outdoor stadiums.”

Jo Shimoda: “There’s nothing I like more than lifting up a motocross bike, out of a big pile of mud, it’s real easy.”

TV Producer: “Can we have a quad-screen for the next race, so people can not be able to follow anything even more?”

Chase Sexton: “Jett deliberately crashed in front of me in San Fran when I was lapping him, so I thought it was OK, to try and race Cooper to that rut when he was lapping me.”

Aaron Plessinger fans: “We knew he had this win in him, and weren’t nervous at all when Webb was closing in.”

Ken Roczen: “Buttons are great, but I never skip leg day when I stall my Suzuki and that’s important.”

Jorge Prado: “If I’d have wanted to race in this amount of rain, I’d have stayed on the plains in Spain.” (Older people will get that one)

MX Media in Press Conferences: “Jett, you really fought hard to come through the pack, and I think this was a really important race in your career and for the championship to get back on track and just show that you are still in the mix and although you had a disagreement with Anderson at the end, I want to let you know that I support you and all your decisions out there and it’s great that you showed that you are awesome in the mud and improved a lot since San Francisco and I feel really bad that the AMA fined, but I’m sure you’re OK because I’ve supported you by buying lots of donuts and I can’t wait to see how you do in Anaheim next week. Do you agree that orange is my favourite colour?”

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Coney Island Dog

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