Semi-Clueless: Hangtown

Prairie City Dirt Diggers once again put on one hell of a show this past weekend at the 69th Annual (allegedly) Hangtown National. It was a day lacking in surprises but certainly not lacking in storylines. If you missed the Twitter takeover by yours truly, please allow me to bring you back up to speed so you can bench race with the homies at lunch about a race you may or may not have watched. 


  • Anderson’s reaction.
  • Cairoli’s scrub > Everything. 
  • Maybe Eli’s knee won’t be an issue this summer. 
  • Speaking of, JA owes Eli dinner for holding off Sexton. 
  • While we are here, Sexton is scary fast. 
  • Is Dungey still having fun? 
  • Har-Dog got cleaned out by Sexton, justified or nah?
  • Pour a pint out for Josh Gilbert. Oof. 
  • Good to see Versace back on the bike. Proceeds to go top 10. 
  • Fast Freddie is really Fast, not as fast Garrett Marchbanks, but faster than A-Mart. 
  • Summer of Weltin has commenced. P15. 
  • Anderson v. Sexton in Moto 1 was damn impressive. 


  • Gas Gas went Fast Fast then Crashed Crashed. What a heartbreaker for Michael Mosiman. 
  • Did you hear Jettson was under the weather? Still crushed. 
  • Sushi was on a roll. #teamsushi
  • I wonder what Kitchen could do with a Romano-like start.  
  • Pour another pint out for Jalek. 
  • Derek Drake is single handedly keeping the banana boat afloat. Kickstarter and all. 
  • Maximus is back! Kinda. 
  • RJ Hampshire or Ethereum? 
  • Shout out to Derek Kelley and Josh Varize. 

Starts Starts Starts. We hear the key’s to the race each and every weekend but for good reason. Jett Lawrence has the best starting position by far averaging 2.8. The next closest in the class is Nick Romano at a 5.3 average start position. Compare that to Levi Kitchen’s average start position of 15.0. 

The 450 class is much of the same. You have Ken Roczen’s average start position of 1.5 compared to Jason Anderson’s of 12.5, but when JA did grab a start in Moto 1 he proceeded to get the moto win. Just remember kids, it is easier to win a race from third than it is 15th. 

Main image: Yamaha


  1. It is very obvious Chase cleaned out two lappers on purpose out of frustration. Riders and fans need to wake up…….top factory riders bitching about lappers is complete BS. The 99% make up the sport and that is what makes our sport unique. Not the Rockzens, Andersons, Tomacs, Dungey, Sexton, etc. Don’t fall in to the corporate trap that has a strangle hold on other sports. If you are a factory rider and you can’t pass a 30th place rider on the far outside without hitting them you are a pussy. Chase seems to be an amazing person and great family person so this is hard for me to say but there is no other side to this story.

  2. Clueless was my favorite entry from OG Vurb. Thanks for the write-up! Keep ’em coming!

Written by Jeff Simpson

We met Jeff sleeping in a tent down the street from Loretta Lynn's... with his computer. At that point, we knew he would fit in with us. Then, he then drank all the white claw flavors none of us liked, and that's when we knew it was meant to be. Jeff officially became part of the crew.
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