Semi-Clueless | Pala errr.. Fox Raceway

While the world was seemingly burning to the ground over the MAVTV coverage issues, the crew here at Vurb saved the day like Clark Kent and got you dialed in. Now for me, I had no clue what was happening as the camping spot we settled into for the evening had no service. 

My fiancé and I returned to civilization Sunday morning I finally had some Internet and I had more questions then answers about what the hell actually happened. Some surprising results, some not so much. Never the less, here is my brain as I read through the results. 

450 Class: 

  • Is Sexton the new COW? 
  • Kenny is back! Deja vu. 
  • CC is the real deal? 
  • Eli will either win the title or not complete the series, there is no in-between. 
  • Lindsay Dungey will call your bluff if you bring them twitter fingers to a knife fight. 
  • #teamfried 
  • *hears Italian National Anthem playing off in the distance. 
  • Welcome back to racing dirt bikes Aaron Plessinger. 
  • Bam Bam got Bam Bam’d. Ninth on the day. 
  • *squints eyes* Shane McElrath top 10.  
  • We need a red plate for ClubMX riders. Marchbanks grabs the early season lead. 
  • Who is taller? Bryce Hammond or Benny Bloss? 
  • I have no clue who Josh Gilbert is but it is my mission to find out. 
  • Marsh putting some points on the board for the Mitten
  • Grant Harlan tried to break the internet. Didn’t work. RV2 > JL1 there I said it. 
  • Summer of Rodbell….. Still loading. 
  • Danger Zone’s title defense was up in flames before it started. 🙁 

250 Class: 

  • Donuts > Dogs. Thus far. 
  • H-Law needs a token food item as well. 
  • Sushi is on a roll! 
  • RJ was back on the ground, this time not his fault. 
  • Mosiman’s crash was nasty. 
  • Forker lurking. 
  • The Kitchen was hot on his return to racing
  • Max Vohland seems to have shaken those cobwebs off. 
  • NICK ROMANO grabbed a holeshot! Held on for top 15 OA.
  • I wonder if LeBlanc would have beat Romano if he still had the mullet?
  • Noah Viney was on a supermini eight months ago. Proceeds to get the start of the century in his pro debut. 

*Googles closest Honda dealer. 

Main image: Honda HRC

One Comment

  1. I can answer one of your questions:
    From what I gather Benny Bloss is 6’5”
    Don’t know if that google search is correct, but
    I know for a fact Bryce Hammond is 7” ft 🦒

Written by Jeff Simpson

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