5 Quick Thoughts Following Hangtown

Hangtown racing was amazing. The streaming from Hangtown was great… for two motos. I won’t bore you with a long intro you probably won’t read anyway, so let’s dive right in to some quick thoughts from round 2 of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. 

Anderson, Finally

It blows my mind that Jason Anderson hadn’t won an overall prior to Hangtown—in ANY class outdoors—since turning pro in 2011. Dude has won two supercross titles and yet, had never tasted that sweet nectar of victory outdoors. And it’s not like he sucks outdoors. Nah. You see him, as Broc Glover would say, surfing those rollers and shit at Hangtown? Amazing. 

Even funnier? Anderson didn’t even know he had won until after the race. His mechanic put “You did it” on his pit board, but Anderson thought he meant he got a podium!!!!!

“I’ll probably just go grab some dinner tonight,” he said. “It’s been a really long time, and I’m really excited I don’t have to hear about not having that outdoor win yet. That’s pretty nice. I’m stoked and I’m really happy with my riding and it gives me more motivation. I’m going to try to keep the ball rolling.”

Sexton Is My Title Favorite

Yeah, he didn’t win either moto, but damn did Chase Sexton show some heart in both motos. He led a LOT in both, got passed late, but guess what? He didn’t give in. Hell nah. He tried super hard to track down Anderson in moto one and then Eli Tomac in moto two. Dude is blazing fast and through two rounds has eliminated the mistakes that cost him in supercross. Will he win the title? I don’t know, but he’s my favorite after two rounds. 

The 250 Class Has a Jett Problem

Two rounds and two wins for Jett. Further, dude was throwing up between motos at Hangtown (NOT COVID) and still won the damn overall. Gritty performance from the defending champ. And honestly, if you are the rest of the 250 Class, you have to be kicking yourself for not taking advantage at Hangtown. Also, gritty performance from Hunter, who was also sick. 


How fing rad was this!!!!!

Nice Rebound From Cooper

Cooper Dog was off the bike for a damn long time and it showed at Fox Raceway where he got 12th overall. Not at Hangtown. He ran up front all day and took second overall. He’s only going to get stronger as the series rolls along, but he’s gonna need to start clicking off some wins if he wants this title. 

Main image; Pro Motocross

Written by Slaw Dog

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