Vince Friese Went on the PulpMX Show and Talked About the Justin Barcia Incident

As Coney Island Dog noted earlier this week, the torch has well and truly been passed on from Deano to Christian Craig to the AMA and now to Vince Friese. Fans have the pitch forks out, doggies!

You all know the incident by now and Slaw ain’t recounting that for you. Personally, Vince made a bonehead move IMO. Did he mean to do it? No. But when you’re battling for 15th or whatever he was, MOVE OVER and do not impede the leaders. 

Vince doesn’t have the best history with this stuff, so everyone is piling on. That sucks. Vince is actually a pretty nice guy, if you ask those who know him, so he doesn’t deserve the scorn he’s probably getting.

The good news, Vince: Something will happen this weekend and everyone will move on. 

Anyway, Vince was on the PulpMX Show last night to tell his side of the story. 

“It was ideal, but it is what it is,” he started. “I had no clue he was there when the incident happened. I moved over for Kenny and Cooper I thought I did a good job getting out of the way of those guys.” 

“I feel bad, I never want to be that guy, but I’m sure it was Justin [Barcia] panicking in that situation,” he continued. “I’m think if it was any of the other top guys, Cooper, Kenny, Eli, I don’t think they would have tried to thread the needle where he did. You kind of see it every year. He has some good rounds and then he kind of blows himself up at some point. It’s just unfortunate that it was my back wheel that he was running into when he blew himself up this season.”

Watch the full interview:

Written by Slaw Dog

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