Troy Dog’s Shack: Vurb Shred Tour, Missed Flights, PulpMX Show and More! It’s Been Quite the Week in the Life of Troy Dog

I was on a flight headed to the PulpMX Show as I wrote this thrilling piece of literature. The last 24 hours have been incredibly ridiculous, but that’s the vurbmoto way, right? We plan big and figure it out later. That’s what we did in this scenario.

Let’s start with Sunday. Ginger Dog and I loaded up and drove to the Vurb Shred Tour at Lincoln Trail to pick up Chili Dog Wes and take him to our house so we could fly out bright and early for the show. Well, the Shred Tour was a complete success and I’m pretty sure we can all retire now from the turnout. We had a total of 855 signups for race day on Sunday and we had a lot of fun hanging out at the track. It’s rare when the OG vurbmoto crew is able to be together, but we were at the track for the first time in over 10 years! 

Ginger Dog had a blast with the great weather, got some merch, and got to bro down with everyone. Which confirms the “they like her better than they like me suspicion that I had.”

That’s all I wrote on my flight. I was over it and I wanted to watch “42”, the movie about Jackie Robinson, which by the way is an amazing movie if you haven’t seen it. 

I’m at home now. My journey with PulpMX was an eventful one and I’m sure you’re sick hearing about it right now. I’m going to finish this column with some more explanation of our journey from Casey, Illinois to the PulpMX Show to today. 

So, Ginger Dog and I moved some things around to where we could drive to Casey, without children. We would leave around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon and we arrived at Lincoln Trail around 4 p.m. I got to bro down and be at the track with all the OG Vurb doggies for the first time in about ten years. We are never all in the same place and I rarely go to any events anymore. I helped pack up the merch booth and took some banners down on the track. We loaded up and headed to our house in Kentucky. 

Everything went perfectly fine until we started talking about what time we needed to get to the airport the next morning. I had checked in with my flight, so I was all good. Wes had a different flight because he had 8,000 pounds of camera equipment to ship. He booked my flight too, so I kind of figured he knew when mine was. He said we should get up at 5 a.m. to get to the airport with plenty of time. I agreed. I woke up around 4:45 a.m. (after a fun night with a teething Sam Dog) 

I went downstairs to shave my face so that I didn’t wake my kids and I got a notification that my flight was boarding….huh, that’s weird. 

I came upstairs and Wes had just come down with his bags. I said, “Hey Wes, this isn’t normal ,right?” 

He’s like, “We’ve got to go now, you better hope no one is in security, because you’re probably not going to make it.”

I drove to the airport flipping tear offs out the window. This all will be covered in the Vlog, but I had to tell my side of the story. 

The truth is…MY FLIGHT NEVER CHANGED TIMES. I got mixed up with my return home flight, which got in at 7 a.m.

Again:  MY ALLEGIANT FLIGHT OUT TO VEGAS NEVER CHANGED TIMES. It left at 6 a.m. like it was always supposed to. This was on me. My bad yo. I just looked last night to see what I did wrong. I will never live this down. I know that, however, it made my appearance on the PulpMX Show WAY more memorable and entertaining. Instead of me being there on time and having the day of my life out in Vegas with my buddies Wes and Steve, I spent the day flying. I’m here for you people and for the entertainment of your lives. Just know that. Wes also has hours of footage for a Vlog that will explain more of our journey. 

To make matters worse, when I left Vegas my flight was postponed an hour. I slept through the entire red eye flight and made it home by 9 a.m. Tuesday morning. Bub Dog and Sam Dog gave me the biggest hug ever and we had a great day. 

I know how special this past weekend was. I had the chance to see some great people that I have not seen in person for years. These moments are super special to me. Wes put his miles that he uses for his family vacation on me…for no reason other than he cared about me enough to do it. Matthes did everything he could to get me out too. This small group of people that bring you content on this website are a family and I wouldn’t be who I am without them. 

Except for Slaw…Slaw still sucks. 

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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