T-Dog’s Takes: Behind the Scenes at the PulpMx Show

Notice that this column now has a sponsor? That’s right! Troy Dog joined the Blu Cru and you should too! I have one in my garage right now and I can’t wait to go shred it this summer! Thank you to Yamaha for believing in my ELITE columns on this dirtbike website enough to sponsor me. What a dream come true! 

Look, I don’t have a lot of time this week to write. As you heard on the PulpMx Show Monday, I run a loose program. I’ll have the full report from my trip later on tomorrow. My T-Dog’s Takes column presented by Yamaha (I’m BluCru, just like Steve!) is short and sweet. I’m giving you five behind the scenes facts that you didn’t know!

1.) Steve and Crew are the Nicest

Man, even if you show up late it doesn’t even matter. Matthes, Pookie, Marx, and Tallon are top notch and incredible humans. This group of people are super nice and are the type to do anything in their power to help you out with anything. I’m a hugger and I gave them all hugs. We’re all bros like that. 

2.) I Lost My Shirt

Ginger Dog made up a special edition new pineapple SQUAD T-shirt for me. It was awesome. I figured out that the shirt actually made it to Las Vegas and I dropped it somehow in the cab. I got out of the cab and looked around the cab to make sure I didn’t forget anything, but I never checked the ground. I got out at casa Matthes and went to put my shirt on and my stomach dropped. I lost it. It was a debut of a brand new style and everything for the SQUAD riders. Another big fat L goes to me. [Note: Instead, Troy rocked a BRAND NEW VURB SHIRT that will be available this week!]

3.) Missed Flights and Layovers Are Awful

Missing my direct morning flight was horrible because I had to miss my extra curricular Vegas activities. We had planned a Tazer ride, a ride down the strip, the pool, and Wes was even going to teach me how to play roulette. The positive of flying out in the afternoon was that I flew Delta, which is the best airline of all time. They have on demand movies and a trip tracker. It’s ELITE. 

4.) Sushi Was Had

When I got to the Matthes mansion, Pookie was pulling up with bags of sushi. She let me in and we bro’d down while waiting for the boys to go to a commercial break. I told her about Sam Dog and Bub Dog, while I told her how excited I was for her and Steve. All this success is great and those two deserve every bit of it. I got to eat sushi with the crew. I even got a fresh fork to grab more food after eating with my chopsticks because I didn’t want to have a Tits vs. Perebijnos moment. The good news? Marx told me that even if I did put my finger in his sauce that he wouldn’t care. He only has a problem when Tits does it. Those last two sentences don’t sound right and I’m here for it.

5.) I Left a T-Dog Shirt in Studio 

This one I left on purpose. If I flew all the way to Vegas for three hours of the PulpMX Show then I’m going to leave my mark. If you’re wondering where it is, Marx made sure to put it right next to him. He said it helped him feel closer to me or something like that. I’m forever enshrined in the PulpMx Show Hall of Fame. They raised my t-shirt into the rafters (and I mean rafters literally) of the PulpMx studio.

Thank you for having Wes and I stop by to do the show. Hopefully we can come in again. I had the best time seeing some great people I haven’t seen in a while. #HOME 

Watch full episode below:

Written by Troy Dog

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