Jeremy Albrecht Clarifies Justin Barcia Penalty in San Diego

Over the weekend at the third round of Monster Energy Supercross in San Diego, the AMA docked Justin Barcia one position, pushing him from eighth to ninth, and disqualified Justin Bogle. 

Barcia made hard contact with Bogle early in the race and Bogle went down as a result. That incident was not caught by the TV cameras and as you’ll read below, not why Barcia was docked. 

The second indecent was caught by the TV cameras and came late in the race when Barcia was trying to pass Bogle, who was a lap down. They came together with Barcia going off the track and down.

You can see it around the 2 minute 4 second mark below:

Jeremy Albrecht, former factory mechanic and team manger of the now-defunct JGRMX team, has a new role this year as an AMA official and along with Tim McAdams and Mike Pelletier review penalties and such. 

J-Bone was on the PulpMX Show Monday and explained the Barcia penalty: 

“He pinned it down the side of the whoops, if you’re off the track like that, cutting the track, that’s a one position penalty,” he said. “And we had to look at did he pass anyone? Because then whoever you pass on the track, you have to take that off as well. He didn’t pass anyone, it was only that one spot. But that was really what the docked position was. It was for going off the track, it had nothing to do with hitting Bogle, which is what some people are confused about. 

Albrecht did confirm that Barcia is on probation for hitting Bogle. 

“It was aggressive,” he said of the pass on Bogle. “It was over the line, but we didn’t feel it was so bad we need to be more extreme than that [putting him on probabtion].”

You can watch the entire interview below: 

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