Troy Dog’s Shack: Chili Dog and I Are invading the PulpMx Show

These next few days are going to be quite interesting to me. For the first time in about 3-4 years I have the opportunity to fly across the country and be a co-host on the PulpMx Show on this Monday’s show. That’s right! My BFF Chili Dog Wes and I are heading to Vegas bright and early on Monday morning to hang out with our buddy Steve Matthes for a day.

Before we get to Vegas, I have to drive 3 ½ hours one way (7 total) to pick Chili Dog up from the #VurbShredTour at Lincoln Trail on Sunday afternoon. We planned this on a whim (like two months ago) and in order for Wes to get to an airport, he needed a ride. I told him I’d be his Uber like a good CEO would do, you know? I will be attending the #VurbShredTour for only the amount of time it takes to pick Wes up and you might be long gone from the track by then. I apologize to all of the people that were looking forward to broing down with me. We’ll get there when it’s time. If you want an autograph just stay till when we are tearing down the track and I’ll be there then. 

Look, I can’t make the entire event, but you can! It’s a weekend full of shredding, Troy Dog’s, prizes, giveaways, racing, and TONS OF SLAW. Here is everything that you need to know about it.

Once I pick Wes up, he’s going to vlog our entire trip, so I’m looking forward to having a camera in my face the entire time. I’m basically Jett Lawrence at this point. I shred on a dirtbike and I have media following me everywhere. Also, Jett and I now have TWO professional titles between the two of us, so that’s been solid.

From Lincoln Trail, I will drive us to the Dog Shack, which is a nickname for my big CEO mansion in Kentucky. I have very tall ceilings and a pool, so Wes should feel right at home. If Sam Dog doesn’t wake us up 17 times then we should make it to the airport on time, which is like 5 a.m.. When our plane lands, either Steve or a limo service will be waiting for us to take us to Casa Matthes. 

We have a full day of E-bike rides and broing down poolside. Matthes is an incredible host so I think we are going to have an assortment of fresh sushi and Twisted Teas on tap. It’s the desert, but it’s quite possible that at some point we will all meet up with T-Pain and go sailing on Matthes’ boat. While on the boat we all decided that we need to point and laugh at Slaw Dog because he wasn’t invited. Why wasn’t he invited to hang with us? We didn’t want him to.

We’ll be nice and relaxed by the time the show starts. So, you better tune in live at 8 p.m. Eastern on YouTube because this is going to be the greatest PulpMx show of all-time. I’ll be reunited with my old boss Matthes (#home) and I’ll get to tell you what it’s like being the CEO of a dirtbike website and the Troy Dog SQUAD. Once the show is over, Wes is staying the night, but I need to get on a redeye back home to KY. Tuesdays are dudes days at our house and while Ginger Dog works I need to hang with my boys. If you want some behind the scenes views from our trip head on over to Twitter and Instagram and follow @troydogvurb if you aren’t already. 

Thank you Matthes, Wes, and of course the lovely Ginger Dog for letting this trip be possible. It’s going to be fun. You should all call into the show and I’ll talk to you guys on Monday!

Written by Troy Dog

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