Troy Dog’s Shack: I Want to Race the PulpMx Privateer Challenge 

I want in. It’s the most important race left in Monster Energy Supercross this season. It’s the PulpMx Privateer Challenge race in Denver and I want in as one of the wildcards! Look, I know what you’re thinking, T-Dog you haven’t raced a dirt bike in years, why should you be granted a golden ticket into the biggest money race of the year? Well, I’m glad you asked. This one goes out to a Mr. Steven “Fellow CEO” Matthes in hopes of adding me to his roster.

Not very long ago, maybe twelve years or so, I was an ELITE A class District 11 talent. I put in some great laps along the way. I made a total of $35.00 in my money chasing days, which is the equivalent of $200 these days. I once got a holeshot on amatuer day at RedBud in Open B and ran fourth for most of the race, then I ended up crashing and finished tenth. That same moto I ended up beating Nick Desiderio, yes the once pro racer for Rock River Yamaha, I beat him. 

I just think it’s a good time for me to jump into pro racing. I’m 31, I have two boys that won’t stop eating all our food, and the diaper money is outrageous. Like, bro why can’t you figure out how to poo on the potty and help daddy save some mula? Now I have to go race this one supercross to make ends meet. It’s ridiculous. 

Getting a bike would be no problem and I could pretty much ride whatever I wanted to with the people who adore me. If my ELITE pineapple SQUAD athlete Justin Starling isn’t in there dominating the race, then I could use his bike. I was riding it around the pits in Indianapolis and I’m dialed in. It’s the only riding I’ve done in five years, but I felt incredible. So, I think I should be just fine in a six minute supercross race. If Starling races, then I can grab his practice bike, or a HEP Suzuki, or the guys at Team Solitaire wouldn’t mind lending me one of their bikes. 

Also, I consider myself a privateer specialist after dealing with them for the majority of the last 12 years. I know how they get things done and they’ve often shared with me their racing strategies like I wasn’t taking notes or anything. Count me in as the guy who knows all of the moves before they happen in this race. Plus, I wanna park Cade Clason for no reason whatsoever. He’s a nice guy, and we just became bros, but I think he’s man enough to take a BIG takeout from me. 

I did reach out to Matthes Hound yesterday to tell him I wanted in and he didn’t say no, as you can see below! I’m definitely in. I want to win the Matthes Million and I will stop at nothing to get it. Think about how cool of a story this will be when I win the PulpMx Privateer Challenge Main Event. I will get a Racer X cover photo and the headline on the magazine will say, “T-Dog Absolutely Destroys 21 Privateers in First SX Race, Wins the Matthes Million!” You better believe I’m building a house with the SAME square footage as Matthes house after I win. I’ll also be buying a bunch of Nerf guns, an island in the Pacific Ocean, and a bunch of prime rib. Oh yeah…and plenty of diapers. 

Written by Troy Dog

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