Morning Espresso: Poor Dean Wilson and His Bum; Brett Cue is Jumping Off the World’s Largest Rocking Chair This Weekend and More

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Poor, Dean O

Man, Dean Wilson was having such a good season—and was HEALTHY! When he went down in St. Louis and injured his bum, it was a major bummer. Dean was on the PulpMX Show last week and described how hard the injury has actually been.

“I’ll be honest, pretty miserable, even right now,” he said. “I’m very uncomfortable. I lay on my side and then that gets sore, then I lay on my other side and then I’ll stand up. Then I go to stand up and I get really lightheaded because I lost a lot of blood, but I didn’t get a blood transfusion. So, I think it’s called your hemoglobin levels, and I think that’s normally at like 16 or 15 and I’m at an 8. So, Dr. Bodnar [Dr. John “Doc” Bodnar] says I have to naturally let my blood build back up, but it’s pretty gnarly. Every time I go to stand up, I almost faint and collapse. I’m pale white, chalk white. I’m feeling like shit. It’s terrible, man. It’s just like my body feels terrible. I have no appetite to eat. It’s pretty rough.”

Listen to the full interview below. Get well soon, Dean!

Brett Cue is Jumping Off the World’s Largest Rocking Chair This Weekend

Yes, this is for real. The Vurb Shred Tour is invading Lincoln Trail this weekend in Casey, IL and Brett is jumping off the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. No, seriously.

X Games Best Whip

Do you know that X Games travelled to Japan for the first time ever over the weekend? Well, it did. Check out the full Best Whip comp from X Games Chiba.

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