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Through my twelve years of covering this amazing sport of motocross, I’ve never done anything Dean Wilson related. I might have written a paragraph on him here and there, but never like I’m about to do here. For that, Dean-O Dog…I’d like to formally apologize for not having an amazing column for you. I’m going to make up for that right now. 

To be honest I’ve had Dean-O’s number for a few months. I watched all of his vlogs this year and enjoyed them, so that’s why I wanted to reach out. Then, his Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) got worse, so I figured I’d leave him alone while he got that issue sorted out. Chili Dog wants to recruit him for our film crew. Could you imagine Dean out filming on the track at Loretta Lynn’s with 200 degree temperatures and not a rain cloud in sight. We might have a video series here, no?

Anyway, I hit Dean up on Monday and he told me he was going to the track. Then he politely asked if it would be okay if he could answer my questions after he got his riding in. You know, just like normal factory guys would do, right? I laced that last sentence up with heavy sarcasm if you couldn’t tell. Dean is built differently and looking at his large fan base we all know he is too. In a good way obviously. Monday night he dropped a Manscaped ad on social media that you need to watch. It’s pretty damn good and Dean-O might have a career in acting down the road. 

I asked him what was cooler, the ability to get paid to do a shaved ball commercial or talking to me this week. He said, “Honestly to get paid to shave my balls is pretty cool, but to be getting some love from vurb again is always nice.” You’re welcome. 

If you are too young or don’t remember the humble beginnings of vurbmoto, well Dean’s an OG. He would let Bird and Chili Dog stay at his house while working on projects. So if anyone is happy to see us back…it’s Mr.Wilson here. 

Dean-O Dog did tell me that he took two months off and rested his body the best he could to recover from EBV. He said that the illness made him feel flat, depleted, and left him with no evergy. If you watched his vlogs like I did you would see his struggle. This guy made ME feel like I was dying on the inside and I puked six or nine times watching it all. 

With another season in the horizon, Dean said that he is still having fun and is looking forward to having a healthy year with the EBV behind him. He’s basically the team dad over at Rockstar Husqvarna for Jalek Swoll and Stilez Robertson. He said he likes to help them out anyway he can. Judging by the vlogs, they make it a very fun atmosphere and it looks like they’ve embraced their roles. 

Dean Wilson has one of the biggest fan bases in this sport. He’s a worldwide name and his social media fans keep me entertained. It’s a different vibe over there in the comment section, but in a good way. Wilson has built a brand for himself. We blinked once and now Wilson is heading into his twelfth year as a pro. Time is cruel. It doesn’t matter though, let’s see what he can do without EBV. I think he will be up in the mix again. He definitely impressed me during the nationals with his resilience. Dare I say, I’m looking for podiums in 2022…and how cool would he be to see him get a win? 

Thanks for the chat Dean! We didn’t really move any mountains, but it was nice to catch up. I hope your balls heal up soon from that weedwacker. That looked miserable. 

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Written by Troy Dog

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