Vintage Vibes: Vurb Original with Dean Wilson

I’ve been watching Dean Wilson’s vlog every week. For some reason it came up on my “suggested videos” on YouTube and now I’m all in. I’m too busy to watch all these vlogs that the riders do now and I usually just stick to one guy. Last year it was Troll Train, but now I’m full on Lanky Wayne…remember when Dean O tried to get that nickname to stick? Terrible. 

The usual crew in these videos are Dean, his girlfriend Sarah who helps film, 50-450 Stock/Mod champion Stilez Robertson, and Jalek Swoll. 

Deano carts his younger teammates around and treats them like his adopted sons and that’s really funny to me. Dean Dog is a vurbmoto OG and he’s fighting through all kinds of illnesses and injuries this summer. Everytime I watch him right after the motos I feel sick because he feels terrible. He never gives up though and lately he’s been consistent in the top ten. I figured we should go back in the vault to give him some love for his consistent summer. 

Anyone remember the Wilson Vurb Original from 2011 or 2012 when he was riding for Pro Circuit? This video, filmed by Ryan Walters, has everything you’d want in a Vurb video. From a montage of him getting up and ready for the day, to shredding some “Bogle whips”, to writing his initials with what I hope is flour, to having a good day at the track. 

Dean has always been one of the most fun and likable riders in the pits and that’s why he’s gathered the following that he has on social media. He keeps it light and fun. In his spare time he likes to buy and give away brand new bikes to random children he finds. I’d hire him any day. 

This video is a banger. When it came out I was sitting on my lunch break while in college. I’ll never forget sitting there and thinking how good the song was, which is Labrinth – Earthquake. I immediately put that song on the playlist and would listen to it before my motos. I like this video because it’s not all riding shots. It’s basically a day with Dean O, without much talking. Walt did an incredible job as always. Check out this gem and then check out Dean’s YouChoob vlog if you haven’t already. He channels his inner Chili Dog and films and edits it himself!

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