Morning Espresso: Dylan Ferrandis Spoke with His Wallet; TKO Highlights; I Hope to Be Dean Wilson’s First Follow on Twitter and More

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DF Spoke with His Wallet

David Vuillemin, who trains current 450 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross points leader Dylan Ferrandis, posted a cool story on Vital this week about Ferrandis surprising him with a brand new YZ250! Dylan is a cool dude!

He surprised me this morning by having this 2022 YZ250 shipped to my house. I’ve never gotten a free bike before. Just loaners I had to buy/sell/give back at the end of the season/year. Pretty cool of him.

DV Rant on Vlogs

Speaking of DV, he was on PulpMX this week and had an epic rant about vlogs. In Slaw’s honest opinion, DV is one of the best co-hosts on the show. Dude is just raw and says whatever the f*** he wants, which Slaw can respect.

Check Out Some Highlights from TKO

Damn Right Dean

I informed Dean on the Twitter of the most epic mosh pit in history at this concert and I hope to be Dean’s first follow on Twitter for doing Slaw’s work.

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