Slawservation: Dean Wilson Click-Baited Me Real Good and I’m Here for It

Unlike David Vuillemin, I probably don’t hate your Vlog. I just don’t have time to actually watch them. Sorry, not sorry. 

I think there are now more than 10,000 moto Vlogs out there, so choosing which ones to watch and such is too much for me to handle. Plus, I’m not a super huge Vlog guy. I know Troy Dog is all in on BamTV, which I’ve heard is pretty good. 

I’ve also heard Dean Wilson has a great Vlog. Honestly, should that surprise anyone? DeanO has one of the best personalties in the sport, so it makes sense he has a good Vlog. 

While scouring the Toob the other day, I came across this title: “PSYCHO MUM GOES CRAZY ON ME!!” from one Dean’s latest Vlogs. 

OF COURSE I HAD TO CLICK!!!! And honestly, it was super entertaining, until I realized Dean had click-baited the s*** out of me. Which, honestly, I’m cool with. Good job, Dean. You got me!

Hopefully me watching your Vlog adds more incentive for Slaw to be your first follow on Twitter. @VurbSlawDog in case you’re reading this. 

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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