Tale of the Tape: Sexton vs Tomac For the 450 Title

I know this doesn’t involve any bike claims or crazy drama, but we need to talk about this title fight between Chase Sexton and Eli Tomac for the 450 title. IT. IS. INSANE. and not getting the due I feel it deserves.

So, I’m here to fix that.

After Eli Tomac ripped off eight straight moto wins from High Point moto 2 to Washougal moto 1, Chase Sexton has responded in a big way. He won moto 2 at Washougal to break the streak then did something to Eli Tomac that yeah, doesn’t happen often: caught him and won both motos at Unadilla (and he ran away in moto 1).

Just one point separate the two with just THREE rounds left. I have no idea who is going to win this title. It’s going to be a straight up dog fight.

Let’s see how they stack up through the first nine rounds:

StatChase SextonEli Tomac
Avg Qualifying Position3.43.9
Laps Led103114
Avg Finish1.82
Moto Wins810
Overall Wins34


Budds Creek, Ironman and Fox Raceway remain on the schedule and man, this is going to be awesome. I think Budds is a toss up on who it favors, while I lean toward Tomac at Ironman and Sexton at Fox Raceway.

Who wins? No clue. But it’s going to be damn fun to watch.

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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