T-Dog’s Takes: The Greatest Title Fight Ever

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Wow! I simply cannot believe this Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship chase right now in the 450 class! I can’t remember the last time a championship came down to the final round, especially in the Premier class with one point separating the top two. Obviously when the championship comes down to the final round it’s not impossible for the title to go to the rider second in the series. Usually the 450 championship leader has a pretty sizeable points gap heading into the final pair of motos. We’ve really been treated to a spectacular season this summer, but to have veteran Eli Tomac and young up and comer Chase Sexton in a winner take all final round truly takes the cake. Now which one of these guys will get to eat it too?

If you think about it, it’s really cool that Chase and Eli are here digging this out. They both came up through the now defunct Amsoil Factory Connection Honda amatuer team (GEICO Honda on the pro side). Both are regional champions, but right there is where the similarities really end. Sexton is the on the verge rider in the sport. He’s 22 years old and he could potentially take the sport by storm in the next few years and win everything. He’s young, he’s fast, and he knows what it takes to win championships. His picturesque riding form is like watching Bob Ross paint a masterpiece. Chase can smell this championship and he will do whatever it takes to win it. To be 22 years old and on the verge of your first championship in the premier class, well that doesn’t really happen anymore.

On the other hand, you have Tomac, one of the all-time greats in this sport. He’s racked up so many wins and he’s close to the top of the all-time wins list in both Supercross and motocross. The only thing that Eli doesn’t have on his side is time. Although he’s one point ahead in the championship, his peak days appear to be over and he can probably smell retirement at this moment. That’s not a diss on Tomac. At 30 years old his body has seen wear and tear unlike any other discipline in the world.. He has claimed that this will be his final motocross season and he’s going to do whatever it takes to put this championship plate on the mantle at home in Colorado. 

So, now that we set the stage for what I hope to be one of the all-time greatest motocross races ever at Fox Raceway this weekend, I have to give my two cents. Who do I think is  going to take it? Well to preface my answer, I want to stay out of all drama related to who I finally pick. Both riders are deserving, however. as an unbiased ELITE journalist in this sport, I get paid the big bucks to call it like I see it. Sexton is very good at Fox Raceway. Sexton is good everywhere. Tomac is good at Fox Raceway. Tomac is good everywhere. I truly hope this comes down to 60 minutes +4 laps of back-and-forth action and I hope it doesn’t come down to a crash or a DNF. The rider that I picked for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship will be Eli Tomac. Tomac has a chip on his shoulder because he will never get the chance to win another motocross championship. Yes, he will race Supercross and possibly World Supercross, but no more outdoors. Tomac’s championship experience will help him get the job done 

I know that Sexton reads my columns and he likes some of my tweets on Twitter, so I know this is gonna hurt by saying this. I’m sorry bro it’s nothing personal. I promise. It’s just Eli freaking Tomac.

Alright boys, let’s get down to business and may the best man win.

Main image: @dncphotos

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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