Hunter Lawrence Has No Problem Admitting He’d Help His Brother, and Good For Him

Jett Lawrence is in thick of a heated title chase in the 250 Class with Justin Cooper. Lawrence trails Cooper by just three points with three rounds remaining in the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. 

Coming down the stretch, Jett obviously has a huge ally on his side… his brother, Hunter. 

Following the Budds Creek National, in the post-race press conference, Hunter was asked about helping his brother down the stretch run. 

Question: A little fun hypothetical, Hunter. Final race, final moto of the year. You pass your brother; you get the overall. You don’t pass your brother; he gets the championship. 

Hunter Lawrence: I’ll be real with you. Team orders probably would come into play a little bit there, but at the same time, championship bonus could do a lot for my family. No one else has ever really been in a position like that. Obviously if I can’t win the championship, there’s only one other guy I want to win the championship. I think Jeremy [Martin] would say the same if Alex were in that position. Maybe it’s not the best answer to have, but it’s the honest truth. Anyone that knows the dollar figure for a title, it can do a lot for my family. So, 100 percent.

Do not get me started on the team order bulls***. It’s his brother, OF COURSE he’s going to help if the opportunity presents itself. 

You don’t want to know what Slaw would do if my brother had a chance to win a title. I’d be chopping front wheels all day. I’d be lining up right beside his competitor, saying all kinds of stuff. 

Obviously that isn’t what Hunter is going to do. But if he’s in front of Jett late in a race, don’t be shocked if he magically slows down a bit. AND GOOD FOR HIM for admitting it. Family over everything, dogs!

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