Troy Dog’s Shack: I’m All In on BamTV

Ever since I took my wife and two very young boys to RedBud I’ve been buzzing with a special vibe. No, it’s not just the Twisted Teas talking–although they do give me superpowers to write amazing columns like this one. I just want to relive that weekend over and over again no matter how hard it was. The place was packed with fans and it got me right in the feels. On America’s birthday we were all one again in the name of motocross. 

I bring RedBud up because that was the first weekend that Justin Barcia started vlogging. That RedBud vlog I have watched over and over again to relive that weekend. It does such a great job encompassing the feelings I had. This summer I’ve turned into quite the vlog connoisseur. I watch most of them in fact. From Dean Wilson’s masterpieces to the struggling Troll Train to now BamTV, with a few other riders in between. 

Each rider puts their own flair into these videos and BamTV is no exception. If you somehow thought that Barcia was normal outside of the motocross track, well then you have another thing coming. The guy is wide open in every aspect of his life, just like on the track. 

Barcia’s vlogs are fresh because they are short. Most are around five minutes long. The music choices in the videos are amazing. I haven’t cared this much about music since I first started watching Chili Dog’s videos way back in the day. 

The videos are filmed by Pickle, who burst on the scene with some awesome Ricky Carmichael videos when he announced his deals working with Triumph and Team Green. I’m a fan of this Pickle dude. Like a big fan of his work. The way that he combines clips of Barcia’s life mixed in with riding sessions is beyond cool and it flows really well. So, if you haven’t taken the time to watch his videos then do yourself a favor and get on it! 

Come and check out Barcia thrift shopping, in-line ski training, going to a cool donut shop and not being able to eat any, and witness him win at Millville. Also,I don’t know how many t-shirts the TLD GasGas team has allotted Bam Bam with, but he keeps ripping them off of his own body for literally no reason whatsoever. That’s Bam. 

That’s it for my column this week. As always, drop me an email to chat about anything at [email protected] and join the #troydogsquad by smashing the follow button on Instagram and Twitter @troydogvurb. Thank you for the support.

Written by Troy Dog

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