Punday Monday, Anaheim 2: Kickstart Kenny Finds His Flo and Makes Progressive Progress

Welcome to the third ever (weekly) Vurbmoto Punday Monday, where we have enlisted the help of the two puniest dudes we know: Randy “FMIP” Richardson and Dylan “Chicago Dog” Jackson.

Each week, Randy and C Dog (and maybe VurbWes) will put together their punniest headlines from around the world of supercross/motocross.

We will post said puns on this website. 

Want to join in on the action: drop a comment below or follow @vurbmoto on IG, Twitter and Facebook and drop YOUR best pun. Wherever you want to submit your puniest headline, we will find it. Shout out to Darkside for the idea many months ago while Wes was on the Wrap Up Show (RIP).

The following week, we will announce a winner and they get a free Vurb tee.


Kickstart Kenny finds his Flo and makes Progressive Progress

Filthy Phil Nicoletti lit up the track in 250 Race 2 and LED for 8 laps 

250 West riders really threw it down in Race 2 causing multiple Flaggers to have arm pump. 

Kitchen knifes his way to the WIN!

The Chef ROASTS the competition!

Rumors have it Jett’s planning next Triple Crown collab with “Anti Crashing Club”

“Adamant” Cianciarulo continues cautious consistency 

El Hombre acknowledges his mistakes on the podium stating he has PTSD…  Push Tires Slide Down? 

Deegan’s Ghost Ride haunts his results 

Roczen finished 3rd and is immediately charged with 19 accounts of “Assault Without A Battery”


Let the bodies hit the (dirt) floor: A Story of Anaheim 2

Blose Enough: Mitch tells CB to trade his AARP card for his AMA card 

Dax-Machine sends message to other futures riders with big win 🏆 

Tomac’s race was rockier than the mountains in his backyard 

Chase-ing greatness: Sexton re-inserts himself into title fight 

Donut worry, Jett still in command of 250 West

Main image: Jessica Reed

Written by Chicago Dog

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