Punday Monday: Tampa Sand Proves to be a Real BEACH!

Punday Monday brought to you by Teenior Citizen™, the perfect blend of Dad jokes and a teenager’s childlike humor.

Welcome to the fifth ever (weekly) Vurbmoto Punday Monday, where we have enlisted the help of the two puniest dudes we know: Randy “FMIP” Richardson and Dylan “Chicago Dog” Jackson.

Each week, Randy and C Dog (and maybe VurbWes) will put together their punniest headlines from around the world of supercross/motocross.

We will post said puns on this website. Want to join in on the action: drop a comment below and we may give away a free t-shirt if it is good.


⁃ Tampa sand proves to be a real BEACH!

⁃ 250cc Heat 2: Dangerous sky’s dump while Dangerboy Dominates 

⁃ Copper Webb dusts off contend with Tampa win! 

⁃ Max Anstie’s podium interviews are literally the best… LITERALLY!

⁃ Sexton dropped the lead and Cooper dropped the hammer! 🔨🏁

⁃ Some JA Bam Bams Barcia

– 250 LCQ: Simonson commits “Mainslaughter” on Weltin in final turn! 


– Whoops, there it is! Chase loses it at the end

– Danger Boy continues his riDEEGulously good start to his pro debut 

– Sexton gets caught in Cooper’s Webb 

– Law-abiding Citizen: Hunter w/ epic pass for the W

– Sand section is a real son of a beach for the riders 

Main image: Jessica Reed

Written by Chicago Dog

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