I Have No Idea How Cameron McAdoo Raced After Seeing His Elbow

We all know Cameron McAdoo is a tough mother….

I mean, we all remember this, right?

Well, Cam added to his “I’m a tough mother” list on Saturday at Anaheim 2. Cam went down HARD in the whoops in qualifying and most thought his night was over.

Nope. Cam was NOT done. He somehow made it through three races and gutted out a sixth overall.

That was amazing. Even more amazing once I saw his elbow!!!!!! My god!

Cam wrote on IG yesterday:

“Woke up feeling grateful that I’m relatively healthy after my big mistake during qualifying yesterday. We made the decision that it would be safe for me to race so I did everything I possibly could to get through the night ending up 6th O/A. We will work on getting healed up in these few weeks off to come back strong for Oakland! Thank you to my team and everyone who supports me during the tough nights!”

Cam got that dawg in him.

Main image: Jessica Reed

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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