Lance Kobusch Went From Working on a Rodeo Crew Back to Pro Racing

Lance Kobusch is not a new name amongst the motocross scene. Once a touted amateur, Kobusch stepped away from racing towards the end of 2020. We caught up with Lance prior to practice at Spring Creek to talk about where he has been, what he has going on now and more.

Coming into the 2022 season, Lance linked up with the STR Racing team out of Texas for a Supercross and Pro Motocross deal aboard some fresh looking Honda’s.

“I mean, I’m just I’m happy to be out here riding. STR came to me and they’re like, we would like to support you [and go racing] because I wasn’t racing at the time. I quit for, like, a year and a half,” said Kobusch.

“I was actually working on the rodeo crew with them at Smith Pro Rodeos,” he added. “It’s a rodeo company. They’re like, hey, man you should you should start riding again! And I was ahh we’ll see. Now look at us. I’m stoked to be racing again and just trying to get points at every round, being in the top 20 every round fight with these guys. I’m stoked to be out here. It’s freaking beautiful and it’s my favorite track ever. So I’m ready to go out there and mix it up with everybody”

Could you imagine?! One day you are just working away and riding for fun, the next your employer says they want to take you racing. How insane!

Through seven rounds, Lance is currently 26th in 250 points with a season-best 18th overall coming at Thunder Valley.

The STR Honda Racing Team consists of Lance Kobusch and Devin Xindaris on 250s and rookie Matthew Curler in the 450 class. They also have a stacked amateur squad with Riggin Smith, Garrett Alumbaugh (B Classes), Deacon Denno (Mini Sr) and Christopher Harris (85s). They are under the watchful eye of Taylor Painter at the infamous Tapt House Training Facility in Texas.

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  1. I have a very similar story , just the other way around ! 😂 I raced mx for 15 years before getting burned out so, I went and started riding bucking horses in the professional rodeo cowboys association. So it’s cool to see the name Smith pro rodeo name on the Vurb page 🤘🤘

  2. Lance lightening kobusch is my nephew I hVe watched him grow up and he has a determination about himself like no other he’s amazing and an all around good kid .just rember always tell yourself I’m #1 believing you are will make it shelley

Written by Jeff Simpson

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