Someone Caught Ken Roczen’s Spring Creek Crash on Camera

Ken Roczen needs to stay away from Spring Creek. For the second year in a row, crashes hindered his day at the Minnesota track. 

In the first 450 moto on Saturday, Roczen had a big crash going up Mount Martin but it wasn’t captured by the TV crew. All we saw was Roczen facing backward down the hill.

Well, this being 2022 and all, a fan caught it on camera and Ken uploaded it to his Gram. It’s pretty gnarly. 

Roczen finished the first moto in 26th. He crashed again in the second moto and finished 12th for 16th overall.

“Millville was once again a really rough one. I was really good in qualifying practice, but I haven’t done many changes to the bike,” he said. “I’ve had my struggles, but the biggest problem was me going down in both motos—pretty big ones, too. I got lucky and rolled out of both crashes really well, but the crash in the first moto was a little bit heavier; it took me a long time to get going again because I was basically against traffic. I was dead last, and after that I couldn’t really get going much; I wasn’t feeling too good on the track. It was a really rough weekend with terrible results, but sometimes that’s the way it goes. I’m looking forward to having another go at it next weekend and then we have two off-weekends when I hope we can make a bunch of gains and then do a strong push for the last rounds. First up is Washougal though, and I look forward to the nice scenery and getting back to the races.”

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Slaw Dog

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