Justin Cooper Talks Motocross of Nations

Roger DeCoster and crew are expected to announce Team USA for the Motocross of Nations at RedBud when the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship returns at Unadilla on Aug. 13.

The 450 riders seem to be a lock with Eli Tomac and Chase Sexton holding down those spots. I mean, have you seen those two this summer? Pretty easy fing decision. The easiest Roger D has probably made in his life. 

The 250 spot is up for grabs with all the talk surrounding Justin Barcia and Christian Craig. Both riders would have to drop down to the 250 but hey, not bad selections, right?


Look, J Coop wasn’t even sure he would be able to ride Lucas Oil Pro Motocross after sustaining a awful foot injury this off-season that cost him all of Monster Energy Supercross. 

Yet, Cooper is still fourth in 250 points and oh yeah, he just won a moto at Washougal. So OF COURSE people are going to mention him being picked and you know what, rightfully so. Remember, this is the same dude that was engaged in a heated title battle with Jett Lawrence just a year ago. 

What does Cooper think? He was asked about it in the post-race press conference following Washougal.

“Yeah. It’s Team USA. It’s in the USA this year. Honestly, I don’t feel like I deserve the spot, how the first part of the season has gone, and I respect that. But, I’m finding my stride again. I haven’t been talked about. Hats off to them. I’m ready for the task, but that’s up to them.”

Real talk: I’m okay with any of the three above being chosen. Drop your thoughts below. 

Main image: Yamaha

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  1. I think Craig is riding the 250 this week. From a speed perspective, the test track should show that. The other consideration is consistency. Christian has shown it all year, Justin hasn’t until recently. I wish there was one more race to see where Cooper is at.

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