Vote: Craig or Cooper for the MX2 Spot on Team USA

When Justin Barcia announced he had withdrawn from contention for the 250 spot on Team USA, it appeared Christian Craig was a lock to drop down and race MX2.


Cooper, who was coming off a gnarly foot injury, inserted his name with a moto win at Washougal. Then the announcement was delayed because apparently the AMA and folks are still deciding between Craig and Cooper.

Well, Cooper made the decision tougher with another moto win at Unadilla. This decision is going to be hard.

If you ask me: I’m cool with either and think Team USA FINALLY WINS AGAIN IN SEPT! Stamp it.

We are pretty sure the AMA will use this poll to determine who they pick, so choose wisely.

  • Who Do You Think Should Get the MX2 Spot?

    • Christian Craig
    • Justin Cooper

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  1. JC is already a 250 guy, he can get the start and win. If he can beat the Lawrence bro’s he can beat rest of the guys. I think Justin Cooper is our best 250 American rider.

  2. Cooper has been the only one other than Jo Shimoda to beat the fastest kid on 250’s at the moment, he is the true 250 fastest american at the moment, he will deliver. I also like Craig but in all honesty I think the kid has a way better chance to put together a good moto to win the MXDN this year, Tomac and sexton are on fire now and the track totally favors our team. Let’s go USA!!!

  3. Craig has proven he is savage on the 250, but Justin is looking good right now.. It’s a tough call but I don’t think we can go wrong with either of them Coop is already been there let’s get Craig a shot

  4. Cooper is a great starter and that’s big racing the big bikes too. Also, Craig just has never shown that speed outdoors on a 250. In fact, it’s been several years since he rode a 250 outdoors

  5. Where he is at in his injury recovery, it looks like he will peak right at the perfect time.

  6. We need a 250 rider that will be consistent in both motos. I think Craig would be a safer choice. I also think Cooper would be faster but at the end of the day I think Craig will be the better choice.

  7. Hard one! Love Christian craig and his attitude, cooper is fast off start but he’s kinda like roczen , seems to give up when a couple riders pass him and settles, that will hurt the whole team

  8. Cooper will get the start and if not win he will be top 5, which is what we need with the Olympic style scoring. He is also starting to his his stride and getting back to his old self after a narley foot injury. Craig has been riding 450s all summer, yes he is a supercross champion, but the outdoors are a different story

  9. There is no doubt about Coopers speed except that he is not consistent and doesn’t get through traffic as well but the deciding factor for me is that Cooper is so boring and has no personality, Craig would be a far better representative for Team USA and I saw him putting faster lap times than Justin at the Farm on a 250. I have much respect for both riders but tip the scales to Craig

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