I Ordered From RXR and Had a Great Experience

Shopping has gone online more than ever these days, but the process still has some hiccups from time to time. Recently  I noticed that Julien “Juju” Beaumer and 250 class privateer Josh Greco has switched the RXR Protect chest pro and if I’m going to solo ride the Vurbmoto Gypsy 500, I’m going to need some extra protection. 

Unfortunately for me, RXR isn’t available at my local retailer YET! So I checked out their website with a fair bit of skepticism in my heart but let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised. Here is why.

If you’re like me at all (which I actually doubt) you do your online shopping instead of going to bed at an appropriate time. So even at an over tired 11:45 pm daze, I found the RXRProtect.com website to be extremely user friendly. A minimalistic interface can at times leave more questions than answers, but that RXR Protect, everything that needs to be there is there and literally nothing else. Whether you shop by category or price point, you’ll find what you’ll looking for. For a company based in France, RXR clearly has the American market in mind with some of the colors and designs available.

Fit and Function

The hesitation everyone has about shopping online is that there is a certain piece of mind associated with being able to try something on in the story even when most of us are admitted too shy to actually do so. (I can tell by looking at it. Sure) by inputting your height and weight in RXR Protects’ fitment tool you can rest assured that the size you order is as tailored a fit as you’ll get from a motocross chest protector.

Pimp Your Protection

Customizing your chest protector has literally never been this easy. Pick your font, name and number and boom, you’re done. For the AMA pros out there that awfully handy because it’s AMA rule to always have your name and number visible on your back. Did I also mention that every chest protector has customizable graphic kits available at just 26 bucks extra? Gone are the days of taking the stickers from your Scott USA goggles and trying to look legit. RXR Protect brings factory look and performance to not only your torso but also your knee. That’s right! For less than 300 US Dollars you can grab a set of RXR Protect X-Cross knee guards and get the comfort and injury prevention you’re looking for! 

Bottom line is that I was highly skeptical and as I have been many times before, I was proven wrond by RXR and their extremely easy to use website. Moments after completing my purchase, I got a confirmation email and before my alarm went off that morning, my shipment was in the mail. I know what you’re think, is this stuff coming from France? Am I going to be bamboozled into a huge shipping charge? Was this part of the article just an excuse to fit in the word bamboozled!? No and yes! RXR has a fulfillment center in Florida so express shipping was just 20 bucks and the cheaper option was 15. And yeah, I fit bamboozled into this article three times which must be some sort of Vurbmoto record. 

Shop RXR Protect. I’m glad I did. 

Written by BigMxRadio

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