Most Likely: Cade Clason Edition

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Welcome to a new feature called: Most Likely. It’s such a banger that our friends at Michelin have already jumped on board! So, go buy some new tires for your entire lineup!

Welcome to a special Cade Clason edition of Most Likely. With our buddy Denny Stephenson leaving the hospital this week and catching up on things he missed, and Chase Stallo at World Mini, I was in a bind! So, I called up by best buddy Cade, and then I had the woman who birthed my children, Ginger Dog, to fill-in for the normal crew. This one is a banger!

Which rider (and former rider) is most likely to win in a Spelling Bee? Cade or Alex Ray?

Ginger Dog: Cade. ARay’s memory is lacking. The first time I met him he told me his chick’s name was also Sarah, but then corrected himself….because her name is actually Sam. I think they are married now, so she’s not allowed to get too mad at him for this.   

T-Dog: ARay…I love the man…but he’s absolute garbage at spelling. Cade wins this, but just barely.

Cade Dog: Alex has two first names because he is too dumb to spell a complicated last name. You do the math. (Editor’s Note: Cade originally used the wrong form of too here.)

Is Pro Circuit most likely or most likely not going to win both SX titles?

Ginger Dog: I wish, but I’m going not likely.

T-Dog: It’s happening!

Cade Dog: The math says it is not likely for them to win both, but gosh dang it, I sure hope they do!! Both those guys are absolutely sickkk! (Editor’s Note: So many spelling mistakes…maybe ARay was the better choice.)

Which rider is most likely going to spend the break on a vacation?

Ginger Dog: Maddi McAdoo is going to make sure Cam’s feet are somewhere….tropical? 

T-Dog: Weltin was just in Las Vegas racing Arenacross and being a tourist, so does that count?

Cade Dog: I guess I’d have to say Kitchen, since he was suppose to be at the beach last weekend.

Which rookie is most likely going to have a breakout summer in the Pro Motocross Championship?

Ginger Dog: I don’t really know. I am excited to see Dax Bennick out there though. 

T-Dog: Daxton Bennick is the future.

Cade Dog: Who are the rookies? I guess I would have to say JuJu, but he rides for factory KTM, so isn’t he suppose to be awesome? It’s hard for me to see any of those young guys doing what Deegan did. That sounds mean, I didn’t mean it like that. Lol.

Which rider is most likely to win in an arm wrestling competition? Jordon Smith or RJ Hampshire?

Ginger Dog: RJ’s got that dog in him, but Smith looks beefy. Smith

T-Dog: I once asked Levi Kitchen if he could beat all of his teammates in an arm wrestling competition and he told me that he would never want to try against Smitty. RJ is strong, but Smitty has got that Grandpa strength.

Cade Dog: RJ comes from the gator swamps. He could win against an ape. Sorry Smitty. 

Would Jo Shimoda most likely or most likely not win in a bear wrestling competition?

Ginger Dog: Jo would go full on sensei and dominate that bear. 

T-Dog: This question is here because Jo volunteered himself to do this on the Vurb Instagram. I’m glad he’s down for this and he seems quite confident, but he doesn’t have the Grandpa strength yet for this.

Cade Dog: He’s getting gobbled up by the bear. 

Kyle Chisholm just accomplished 200 career main events, is he most likely or most likely not going to get to 250 mains?

Ginger Dog: Chiz is eternal, so yes.

T-Dog: Yes, I’m never going to let Chiz retire. He promised me that he never would, so we’re going for 400 honestly.

Cade Dog: That’s nearly four more years. Sorry Chiz. He will have three more kids by then and won’t be able to handle it.

Which rider are you most likely to build your 250 program around, Julien Beaumer or Ryder D?

Ginger Dog: JuJu

T-Dog: Since the other two picked JuJu, I’ll take Ryder D. We’ll get there when it’s time.

Cade Dog: Beaumer is sick, has some fire in him. I like that.

Have we most likely or most likely not seen the last Cade Air to front flip?

Ginger Dog: The Cade Air flips are a true work of art. I need more of it (just no injuries please).

T-Dog: Oh man, I hope not! Nothing brings me more excitement than seeing Cade with that front end high coming up short on something. He usually lands in the soft stuff off of the track too. We’ve seen three of these so far this season! I’m down for more as long as my friend Cade doesn’t get hurt. That’s the only rule.

Cade Dog: Chill bro, I don’t need no more bad ju-ju.

Which rider would you most likely choose the career of Ryan Dungey or Ryan Villopoto?

Ginger Dog: Dung. Simply because I want to be on a Wheaties box. 

T-Dog: Which one has more money? That one. I’ll go with Dungey on this one. He had two injuries in his career and he has more wins and more premier class championships and podiums.

Cade Dog: Poto had so much adversity at times and overcame some tough championships in both series. I love RD, but Poto would be sick!

Should we most likely or most likely not bring back Cade’s ‘Infant Chiz’ nickname?

Ginger Dog: Cade is only like Chiz in one way…his face is nice to look at.

T-Dog: I never liked that nickname, Cade knows that. NO!

Cade Dog: I’m better than Chiz, so nuke it. lol

Main Image: Feld Entertainment

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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