Rookie Report: St. Louis

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Rookie report, it’s back! I thought I was bringing this new great idea to the table. Then Troy said that Vurb did this 14 years ago, but to hell with that I’m taking over now. Each week I’m going to report on the rookies in the 250 class and give you a little insight on how the new guys are doing.

Ryder DiFrancesco – Troy Lee Designs / Red Bull GasGas

Qualifying – 10th

Mains – 7-7-12

Overall – 8th

Grade – B+

Ryder had a really good weekend in STL this past weekend and things seemed to be coming along for the TLD rider. In the first main event Ryder D got off to a great start and almost stole the holeshot from fellow rookie Juju Beaumer. He was able to stay up towards the front for a while before trickling back and ending up seventh. A holeshot from Ryder in the second main and a quick pass from kitchen would put the rookie in a great spot to capitalize on the start. Just like the first main, Ryder would trickle back to seventh and finish there. Although he would fall back a few positions in both of the mains, it was good to see him battling up front and was shaping up for a good third main. Difrancesco was able to get yet another good start and was up towards the front when a small incident with a rider in front of him put him on the ground. He would get up and charge to 12th. Ryder’s riding was way better than his results show and was maybe his best night of his rookie career. It will be exciting to see if Ryder can carry this into the East/West Shootout in a few weeks.

Julien Beaumer – Red Bull KTM

Qualifying – 13th

Mains – 6-8-7

Overall – 7th

Grade – A

Beaumer seemed a little off in qualifying and was having troubles piecing together a hot lap but that was not the case come the mains. Juju pulled the holeshot in the first main and led some laps for a while before losing the lead to current points leader Levi Kitchen. Beaumer didn’t give that lead up easily though. He seemed super confident in himself and the bike and it showed. Just like Ryder D, getting a good start helped these guys a ton when they don’t have to fight from the back of the pack and can battle up front with the veteran factory riders. As I said for Ryder, I do not think Juju’s results show how great his riding was.

Anthony Bourdon – Toyota of Redlands Bar X Suzuki

Qualifying – 8th

Mains – 11-11-11

Overall – 11th

Grade – B-

The Suzuki rider qualified well but seemed to lack the endurance he normally has in the mains and his starts were not the best. Bourdon said he is disappointed in his results and that it has been hard for him the past few weeks. The Frenchman had a crash in training and has sidelined him from training like normal in the last two weeks. Minus the start’s, Bourdon rode well, but I still don’t believe we have seen him at his full potential. The East/West shootouts will provide a challenge for him but I still think we could see Anthony break into the top five in Salt Lake City. 

Matti Jorgensen – AJE Motosports

Qualifying – 30th

LCQ – 4th

Mains – 19-18-19

Overall – 21st

Grade – C

Another week and another LCQ for Matti. This seems to be the story of his season, but hey, he’s getting into the mains. That was probably the biggest takeaway from his weekend. Matti’s starts were off and this hurt him when it came to the mains. With a shorter race time, starts are key in the triple crowns and starting from the back is almost impossible. 

Lux Turner – AEO KTM

Qualifying – 15th

Mains – 18-19-20

Overall – 22nd

Grade – C –

Lux qualified straight into the mains with a super solid 15th. When it came to the mains though, Lux did not have a good night. I’m not sure if it was his starts or what, but he just didn’t seem like himself. Lux is still coming back from an injury from earlier in the season so maybe he is still working on getting his endurance back. Lux will have a few weeks off before we see him again in the East/West Shootout.

Main Image: Octopi Media

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