RXR Protect – First Inflated Chest Protection

Deep in the heart of northern France, you’ll find the global head quarters for RXR Protect. One of the most innovative companies in the world when it comes to developing protecting equipment. Motocross, Supercross, mountain biking, equestrian and even military applications. You can suit up with RXR Protect adding piece of mind knowing that their products are specifically developed for maximum protection while still allowing for full mobility of the athlete. Protection that moves with you? Sign me up.

Life is full of decisions. When it comes to picking the right chest protection, why choose air?

It comes down to three main principles of keeping riders safe in the event of a crash.


RXR Protect products feature ASA Technology. This is an ever-inflated airbag, containing all the effectiveness of an airbag with the constraints. RXR Protect products have the ability to deform under impact ensures the protection stays where it should rather than being pushed aside.


The effectiveness of a protection garment is measured by it’s ability to disperse energy in the event of a crash. By spreading out the total force with the help of high-density foam and RXR’s airbag technology, your vital organs are better protected.


With custom fit adjustable straps and removable kidney padding, RXR Protect provides protection designed with the athletes in mind. Motocross racers move, bend and stretch like few other athletes in the world. With such diverse body positions, a cross section between mobility and protection is exactly how RXR Protect keeps you safer.

RXR Protect is the chest protector of choice by Julien Beaumer and Coty Schock among many others at the professional level. From weekend warriors to professional superstars, we all put out long term health in the hands of our protective equipment. The fact that two up and coming young speedsters choose RXR Protect is a huge vote of confidence for this growing French brand. Coty Schock was recently on the Vurb Pod Network and quoted assaying. “I’ve worn RXR for a couple of years now and I love to products. They move with me and no matter how much time I spend on the bike, I get zero chafing which is nice. The foam is light and comfortable. I couldn’t be happier having them in my corner.” High praise from an athlete who consistently pushes the limits of bike and body.

The first thing you’ll notice when you shop at RXRProtect.com is the wide variety of protective options. Where most companies offer one or two options, RXR Protect has no less than six different offerings for this segment.

RXR Protect makes great chest protectors which means you can finally replace the beat up one in your gear bag but what else do they have to offer? Did someone say knee protection? Let’s talk about the X Cross knee protection. Light weight and sturdy, X-Cross knee braces are developed to obtain maximum value while offering elite tortional support while also protecting against hyper flexion and hyper extension. In the world of knee protection, adjustability is paramount because no two knees are the same, but all knees can benefit from injury prevention measures.

Did I also mention RXR Protect has started rolling out riding gear? I’ll let you head to RXRprotect.com to see for yourself.

From top notch chest protection to the impact shorts you didn’t know you needed, RXR Protect has the protective equipment to help you get to most out of your next trip to the track or trail.

Written by BigMxRadio

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