Rookie Report: How Did JuJu, Ryder D, and Crew Fare in Denver?

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We’re Vurbmoto, we grew up in the grassroots of moto. We’ve spent a million hours at amateur races across the country living off of PB&J, and we have the stomach aches to prove it. So, when it comes time for riders to turn pro, we keep an eye on them as they make that leap. We enlisted one of our amateur experts Tyler Collingwood, to give us a rookie report after each race. Ty gives you all the stats, a breakdown, and grades them weekly. Here is his report from Denver.

Julien Beaumer – Red Bull KTM

Qualified – 5th

Heat – 3rd

Main – 10th

Grade – B-

Beaumer could not have had a better weekend going until a mistake in the main. This was Julien’s podium weekend to have and unfortunately it slipped away. Qualifying 5th and an impressive 3rd in his heat had him set up for a premium gate pick in the main. Juju had a great jump on the start in the main, but gave that KTM a little too much juice, and got pushed towards the outside. He was not able to stop in time, pushing him back to eighth or ninth, but still not a bad spot to be able to fight for a podium. Julien would pick up a few positions before getting landed on by another rider, which dropped him back to 19th. Beaumer would be able to come back to 10th. Not the result he should’ve had, but this is part of the learning experience.

Ryder DiFrancesco – Troy Lee Designs / Red Bull Gas Gas

Qualified – 9th

Heat – 4th

Main – 11th

Grade – B-

Man, I thought this was Ryder’s weekend. He qualified decent, pulled the holeshot in his heat race, and was able to coast it home with a fourth. His confidence in himself and in his bike seemed to be at a high compared to the rest of the season. Could this be the night we finally see him on the podium? Unfortunately the good starts did not follow him into the main event where he came around the first corner buried mid pack. A small mistake on lap two or three would drop him back to 21st where he had to fight through the pack. He would end up finishing 11th. Ryder D is not a guy who should be outside the top 10. Starts have been rough in the mains for him most of the season and having to fight from the back never helps anyone. I think this was a great year of learning for the youngster and we will see a completely different guy come outdoors and the 2025 Supercross season.

Anthony Bourdon – Toyota of Redlands Bar X Suzuki

Qualified – 7th

Heat – 5th

Main – 16th

Grade – B

Anthony seemed to be loving the Denver dirt up until the main. Getting caught up in a first turn crash pretty much ended his chances at having a good night and he just had to charge the whole main to try and salvage points. Bourdon currently sits eighth in points and is one of only five non-factory riders to be in the top 10 in points. He is the only rider on a Suzuki to be in top 10 points in the 250 divisions. The only other rider on Suzuki to be top 10 in points is Ken Roczen. It’s unfortunate that Bourdon’s day would be ruined by a crash in the first turn but that’s part of racing. I hope Anthony plans on returning to the US next year and taking another crack at SX.

Lux Turner – AEO KTM

Qualified – 11th

Heat – 7th

Main – 12th

Grade – A

Lux had a rough start to his rookie year by getting injured early in the year. I honestly thought he was making this jump a little too soon and maybe should’ve waited another year. Lux has slowly made me eat my words after coming back from his injury and he just keeps getting better every weekend. The AEO KTM rider finished inside the top 15 for the first time this year. He was able to put himself straight into the main for the second time this year. Turner has qualified for the main event in every round he has been at, while taking home one LCQ win. In Denver Lux showed he has the speed and can run with some of the factory guys, he was able to put in some laps with some of the factory rookies and even picked off a couple veteran privateers. A 12th may not be impressive for most, but with only having four races under his belt before this round. and having a few weeks off the bike, this is a great way to end the season before we go into the East/West Showdown.

Noah Viney

Qualified – 18th

Heat – 13th

LCQ – 19th

Grade – B

Someone I did not expect to make their debut this year was Noah Viney. I saw on his Instagram that he has been grinding at the Supercross practice track. He decided to take a leap and get some experience at a round before next year. We could see Viney go pro full time in 2025. For coming in the second to last round, I would say it went pretty damn good. He qualified in the top 20, he had a great start in his heat coming out second behind shimoda, but would fall off quickly to 13th. Imagine being in your first SX race, the gate drops and thousands of people scream as you come into the first turn and the only guy in front of you is Shimoda. It’s an unreal feeling I’m sure. The LCQ was not very nice to Noah and this would be the end of his night. I’m sure coming into this the only goal was to get experience and that’s what Noah got. He had a few gate drops at the highest level, he was able to get that feeling of running up front and learn the pace of the top guys. I would say a super successful weekend and huge confidence booster for the future rookie.

Main Image: Octopi Media

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