“I Literally Almost Killed Myself” AJ Catanzaro Discusses Insane 2019 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Save

Member this insane save from AJ Catanzaro at the 2019 Red Bull Straight Rhythm event? No. Well, Slaw was there in person, and I literally thought AJ wasn’t going to be getting up from it. It was INSANE. 

AJ save starts at 1:21.

Here is GoPro of the save:

AJ was recently on the Gypsy Tales podcast and discussed the incident.

“When I watch that back, I’m like, that wasn’t me.”

“I literally almost killed myself,” he continued. “Got the feet back to the peg, almost killed myself again…”

Check out the full interview below:

Here is the tribute video AJ talks about above:

Written by Slaw Dog

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