Tyler Bereman performs at Red Bull Imagination 2 in Fort Scott, Kansas, USA. On 17 Septmeber, 2021 // SI202109220005 // Usage for editorial use only //

“Your Dirtbike Is Your Paint Brush” Tyler Bereman Joins the Gypsy Tales Podcast to Talk Red Bull Imagination 2.0

If you’ve been living under a bun this past week or so and haven’t seen the three-part docu-series on Red Bull Imagination 2.0 yet, I suggest you 1.) Get things in your life prioritized and 2.) Scroll to the bottom of this page and watch the series.

From the twisted mind of Tyler Bereman, Imagination 2.0 set the bar for freeriding and took it to levels I never imagined. Jason Baker and his crew at Dream Traxx built the baddest course I’ve seen in my life. Seriously, when we showed up and looked at the course, I was scared for the riders. Truly! Yet, the baddest men and woman on dirtbikes showed up and put on an amazing show.

Bereman was recently on the Gypsy Tales Podcast to discuss everything Imagination 2.0 and more. Listen below or where ever you listed to your podcasts.

The vurb crew had its buns all over this. We were lucky enough to produce the three-part series below. We’ll have more of what went into the crazy 13 or so days, but for now, just soak this awesomeness in.

Watch Episode 1 | Course Reveal: Riders Take Control

Episode 2 | First Hits GO OFF During Practice 

Episode 3 | Competition: Big Wrecks and Huge Sends

Main image: Alyssa Del Valle / Red Bull Content Pool

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