Morning Espresso: Barcia on Working with Wil Hahn; Mandatory 125 Class?; The Cat vs an Amateur Using One Arm and More

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Barica Talks About Wil Hahn Joining TLD

As you probably know by now, Wil Hahn has left his role as team manager of the Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha program. Hahn, who rode for the team from 2007-2008, joined the team as team manager in 2017 and played an instrumental role in helping the team capture seven championships. Seth Rarick has taken over Hahn’s role on the team.

The spilt appears amicable, as Star is moving operations to the GOAT Farm and we’ve heard that Hahn wanted to stay in California. Anyway, Hahn is now a part of the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull GasGas team and Justin Barcia spoke about working with Hahn after his podium at Southwick.

“It’s been really good so far,” he said. “Wil’s awesome. We were teammates back in the day. Always enjoyed being around him. I knew he probably didn’t really want to move to Florida. He’s got family in California and stuff. So, I saw that opportunity. I knew TK [Tyler Keefe, TLD team manager] had always wanted him. I went after Wil first. I was like, “You’ve got to do it!” I was trying and trying. It was definitely a work in progress, but I’m stoked to have him. Anyone who knows Wil knows he’s a great guy. It’s been really positive so far. Two weekends on, and I’m enjoying it. It’s nice to have a guy who has experienced the ups and downs of the sport and can be there for us.”

Mandatory 125 Class?

Former pro and current VitalMX test rider, David Pingree was on the Gypsy Tales Podcast recently and discussed the need for a mandatory 125 class at the local level of the sport and the importance of the 125 in the learning curve for younger riders. I tend to agree. What do you think? Drop a comment below. 

Super Hooligans Race at Laguna Seca

The Roland Sands Super Hooligans series has grown in popularity on the Flat Track scene in recent years. It was even featured at the X Games for a few years. Typically they are raced on small, flat track ovals and honestly, it’s just okay. But at the last round of MotoAmerica at Laguna Seca the Super Hooliganswas raced the first leg of the QuaTTro Championship and honestly, it’s pretty awesome. Watch the full race below. 

The Cat Takes on an Amateur Using Just One Arm

Who do you think won? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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  1. Completely agree with Ping my kid is getting ready to go to a big bike and it will be a 125. If you can learn how to ride a big bike and make a 125 go fast it’s going to make you a way better rider when you do go to a 250f. This 125 will never be sold it will just be kept as a big bike backup for when my bike is down or when anyone needs a bike. We do need 125s back for sure. 250s get too many kids hurt making that jump from an 85.

  2. It will help the sport. 125 does teach you how to ride. More than that a 125 is cheaper to race than a 250F making it affordable to more people , more people , bigger sport …. ( Grow the sport )

    Problem “The Green Mean People” will fly all over the world in their jets planes and 4×4 motorcades to stop you from doing it !

  3. No one at the top is concerned with growing the sport bro. No one likes pointing out the real problems.

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