The Battle That Just Keeps Giving…

CNN Vurbmoto reporting yet again, but this time we went all out to make sure this one was unavoidable on your web/tv/phone/browser of choice. No joke, Vurbwes probably spent 10 minutes making that thumbnail, but for good reason… This might be the sickest ride we saw all week at the 2021 JS7 Freestone Spring Championship. After a poor start, Haiden Deegan goes down in a small tip over, but remounts and charges all the way back to pass Casey Cochran with only a 1/4 of the race remaining.

PLUS, there’s more! If you watch now, you can even see Deegs throw down one of the sickest scrubs we’ve ever seen on a supermini.

Good jobs boys! We look forward to many more battles this year.

Written by Vurbwes Chilidog

Been 'round these parts making dirtbike movies since '02; a weathered veteran with moto and camera related back issues, the hearing equivalent to my great-great grandfather's, and a dirt tan that will literally never come off. But I'm still in way better shape than every other dog in this joint, but that's because I use Chili and no slaw.

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