Brian Deegan and Travis Pastrana Talking About Their Rivalry is Fantastic

Rivalries make sports better. There is no questioning that. The pure, unadulterated hatred Yankees fans have for Red Sox fans and vice versa is amazing. Those are baseball teams, for those wondering what in the F Slaw is talking about. 

While we have a few of those rivalries in the sport of supercross and motocross history, we truly lack rivalries right now. Sure, the Cooper Webb/Ken Roczen thing is big, but it’s nowhere near Chad Reed and James Stewart level, who are now buds and even played golf together. 

When freestyle motocross was booming, I think the biggest thing that drove it was the rivalry between Metal Mulisha co-founder Brian Deegan and Travis Pastrana. 

The Mulisha were the outlaws, dressed in all black, wearing spikes and shit while Pastrana was the more wholesome, all-American kind of guy. And it worked! And it drove FMX to be HUGE!

A few years ago, our boy Jason Macalpine at the Gypsy Tales podcast had Pastrana on to talk about it. You can watch it here. 

In a recent episode, Deegan also talked about it. 

If love this! We need more stuff like this. 

Subscribe to the Gypsy Tales podcast on iTunes and listen to the full interview. It’s great. 

Written by Slaw Dog

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