Homecoming at Arenacross High | Guthrie Recap

AMA Arenacross presented by Kicker blitzed into Guthrie, Oklahoma’s Lazy E Arena for Round 6 of 14. Featuring the biggest floor on the Arenacross Series, riders look forward to this race like it’s their Homecoming football game in high school. The red dirt resembles the red carpet and flash bulbs pop as the homecoming court enters the grand venue. Let’s flip open the depth chart and check out the student athletes on the Arenacross High School football team.

The Quarterback
The star of Arena High, Kyle Peters.  The senior has been the star quarterback of the football team since the first day he walked into AX High School. Everyone knows him and everyone secretly wants to be him. When the game is on the line, KP knows how to keep it cool and deliver the perfect pass to come out on top.

Homecoming night in Guthrie was just another day on the field for Kyle Peters. A strong start in Main Event #1, he chased Breece around and settled for second. In Main Event #2, like a replay of every Arenacross in recent history, KP methodically worked his way through the field from the inversion and grabbed the win.  Even points on the night and another victory as he inches towards another MVP trophy. He even threw a Nac-Nac over the finish line to impress his head-cheerleader girlfriend.

The Transfer
He was the Team Captain at his old school, but he moved to Arena High just this year. Ryan Breece is like a running back that wants to grind the ball into the end zone on every play. He’s gritty, he wants the spotlight, and he feels he has what it takes to challenge Peters for MVP.

Breece was great once again, but I’m starting to think if he wants to take top honors from Peters he is going to have to get him out of his comfort zone. Whether that means slow dancing with Kyle’s date at the Homecoming dance, turning other AX HS players against him, or teepeeing his house. A rivalry with Peters might be the only chance Breece has to gain ground in the race for MVP.

The Center
For years, Kyle Bitterman has touched the ball on every offensive play delivering it with great precision. He’s Mr. Reliable, but no one ever looks at the Center as a star. No matter how good he plays no one takes him seriously. As a Senior, Bitterman set out to change that and got in even better shape and worked harder determined to stand out. Unfortunately, the fumbles have increased and he’s found himself growing a reputation for mistakes instead of being solid.

Kyle Bitterman still sits 3rd in the series points after finishing 5th and 9th in Guthrie, but he will need to get back to the basics to retain his position on the depth chart.

The Return Man
There are few things in traditional sports more exciting than the return man fielding a kick, juking a defender, spinning around another, and turning the after-burners on heading to the end zone for a touchdown. Izaih Clark can light up the crowd and flash more talent than anyone in the series. However, he also has had his fair share of dropped punts and fumbles. Combine that with missing games or showing up injured and it leaves the coaches confused as to where he belongs.  One thing is for sure, he isn’t stressing it and will lift up the team with his contagious smile no matter the situation. 

Since putting the arm injury behind him, Clark has been remembering to wipe the Cheeto dust from his fingers before trying to catch the ball and even double tying his shoes to stop tripping over his own feet. Don’t worry, he still has those flashy return skills. He showed them going the distance on a massive quad early in the day during free practice. He was the only guy to keep doing it all night long, even tossing some style over it on his way to a heat race win. Clark went 4-3 on the night.

The Mascot
How in the World is the team mascot number 5 on the MVP list?  Because the AX High mascot is no ordinary dude in a fluffy cat costume; this one is Crockett “The Rocket” Myers! When he suits up for game day the hype meter gets pinned. Balloon animals for the kids, seat cushions for grandma, a t-shirt cannon at halftime, and pole vaulting cartwheels through the goal post!  When The Rocket is in the building everyone is hyped.

Don’t be fooled though, underneath that silly costume Crockett Myers is all… well somewhat business. The rookie kid sits fifth in the standings, is consistently in the mains, and went 9-8 in Guthrie.

A few other notable team members from Homecoming Night in Guthrie:
Blake Gardner is the invisible tight end that has racked up more first downs than anyone on the team.  After a podium last weekend, he’s 6th in the standings but will miss next weekend’s race to attend the Supercross Futures event in Anaheim. Gardner was 10th in Main 1 and was unable to start Main 2 as his bike never made it to the line.

He’s technically not on the team, but he is the waterboy! During Main Event #2 Cody Groves got the field goal kicker all boozed up on the sideline, stole his uniform, and went in to kick a clutch 69 yard field goal for 3 points (a 3rd place finish).  At the last minute heavy winds picked up; likely from his heavy breathing and he missed wide left. We bet he still shows up to spike the punch bowl at the dance though!

We are not sure how Jared Lesher barely made the list. So many times throughout the season you’ll see clips going viral on social media of a crazy one handed grab for a touchdown, but his total receiving yards don’t match up.  The crowd favorite on the 2 stroke is fast and has one of the best styles in the game. Heat winner and 3-4 results on the night; yet Lesher sits down in 14th place in the series standings. We are going to guess the second half of the season will have a lot of Lesher podium appearances.

Preston Taylor and Mason Kerr both have been much better in recent weeks. Kerr tailed Clark the entire heat race and Taylor easily won his Semi.  They swapped 7-6 finishes in the two main events.

Deven Raper showed up for his first AMA Arenacross. He captured an LCQ win and didn’t have a lot left for the Main Events. He did holeshot Main Event #2 and lead a lap before getting shuffled back, eventually hitting the deck in the edgy whoops and finishing 12th.  Deven plans to be at the next two rounds of the series as well before heading back to Supercross, but he had a good time and is likely to show up at a few more.

The Injured List
Huge bummer to see local ripper and series regular Chandler Baker go down in practice and have to sit out the night. We also missed our favorite rockstar Bryton Carroll.

How awesome is the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma? We are going back there again next weekend for Round 7 of the AMA Arenacross Series. We can’t wait to see what the VMac Tracks crew will put together on the massive canvas. 

Remember, you can tune in LIVE every Friday night all season long plus get tons of bonus coverage including live timed qualifying at ArenacrossAllAccess.com.

Written by Checkerz

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