Clueless: San Diego

It’s Monday and Clueless is back! Enjoy, but please don’t take it seriously. Or do and make sure to email Jason Weigandt if you have problems. Email him even if you don’t have problems…thanks.

– Ok, I think we can have a dry race again now

– Those last few laps were ‘watching behind the couch’ for Plessinger fans

– Anyone else thinking Plessinger shouldn’t have been fist-pumping early?

– Malcolm Stewart really doesn’t like those first laps

– Did they show Jett’s media crash a few times in the programme?

– Kickstart Kenny, unfortunately had to kickstart

– That was a massive comeback from Sexton

– Hampshire gonna Hampshire, but will Smith Smith?

– Will Smith, ya get it?

– But seriously, Smith looking the most composed out there

– Wheel spin not a good look on those Honda’s, 250 or 450

– Sexton (a lap down) vs Webb… uh oh

– Like Webb needed another reason to put a chip on his shoulder

– Did something happen between Jett and Ando? I haven’t seen drone footage, or a split-screen of it

– Now that everyone’s favourite rider has had a crap race, can we get back to normality

– Even Prado is sticking around just so he can actually ride a proper SX

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Coney Island Dog

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