AMA Arenacross Daytona Recap: Southwick on Spring Break

For the first time in series history AMA Arenacross presented by Kicker was set to roll into Daytona Beach, Florida to kick off Bike Week 2024. Being part of Bike Week, right on the beach at the Ocean Center, and taking place the night before the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, created a massive spotlight on the series from all sides of the motocross industry. 

A close championship fight between Kyle Peters and Ryan Breece is coming down to the wire and conversation, speculation, and predictions were the talk of the town as everyone made their way to Florida. Conversations continued when Supercross regulars like Marshal Weltin and decorated indoor racing beast Michael Hicks were locked and loaded as Wild Cards on the entry list. 

In true Arenacross fashion you can just throw those scripts and storylines straight out the window like they are rules, guidelines, or morales at Spring Break.

Southwick in a Shoebox

Arenacross has thrilled fans around the country for years because of its special formula combining great racing with a touch of chaos mixed in. It’s like Supercross went out for happy hour and tossed a couple tallboys back to take the edge off. For the Daytona Arenacross, the clay ordered by track builders turned out to be better for making sandcastles than rhythm sections. The result?  Southwick went on Spring Break and took way too many tequila shots. Absolute madness, that’s still a bit of a blur.

The College Kids Take Over

The focus of the storylines coming in and the series has been about the veterans fighting for the champion, but the college kids came to party for Spring Break at the Ocean Center.  In Main Event #1, series regular Izaih Clark made the treacherous track his dance floor after having to start on the back row. I wasn’t sure if it was the Lasting Impressions/Storm Lake Honda mounted #4 of Clark or Michael Jackson out there cutting a rug and cutting through the competition. A dance off to close out the race brewed for the race win between Michael Hicks and the charging Izaih Clark. Clark tripped Hicks resulting in the Rock River Yamaha #80 face-planting to the soil. When the lights came on Clark was fist-pumping in the confetti after his first Main Event win of the season. Hicks would re-mount for 4th. In Main Event #2, Izaih Clark once again was making his way through the pack from the back row when he caught Hicks again.  This time Hicks was a lap down.  A little scuffle most likely cost Clark the podium, but his 1-4 on the night was enough to win the night. Hicks came across last in Main Event #2 for 4-12 scores on the night.

If you’ve followed AMA Arenacross at all this year you know two things are certain with rookie Crockett Myers; he’s a fantastic starter and he’s guaranteed to bring the hype. After a rough first Main Event resulting in a 10th place finish, Myers was fueled up with a great gate pick. The gate dropped and Myer’s cranked the party to an 11/10. “The Rocket” was built for Spring Break! He was on another level and won his first career AMA Arenacross Main Event in dominating fashion! The win also moved him within 11 points of 5th place in the series standings behind Mason Kerr.

A Missing Ticket

Kyle Peters was hoping for a relaxing weekend on Spring Break with his homies from Phoenix Honda in attendance. When Peters’ close friend Marshal Weltin stole his boarding pass to fly straight to the Main Event from the first heat race, Peters was noticeably upset, throwing a mixture of sand and words not suitable for Disney World. A scuffle with security trying to sneak onto another flight to the Main Event in the semi resulted in a hurt hand and punishment to a back-row seat on the stand-by list as they headed to the LCQ. Only able to get up to 3rd on the list for a single remaining seat on the last plane to the Main Event. All hope looked lost for the championship leader. Just as the gates were starting to close, two turns from the finish, 2nd place rider Jordan Renfro had a panic attack and let Peters by.  Then, leader Mollet loses his front end and blows the transfer spot like a freshman who can’t handle her liquor resulting in being escorted off the plane. Peters’ seat on the plane might be covered in vomit, but at least he was going to get to participate in the Main Events at Daytona. Between the hand injury in the semi and whatever nasty infection picked up from his transfer seat to the Main Event, Peters was only able to manage a 5-10 on the night narrowly retaining his points lead.

Pool is Closed

Ryan Breece carried an eight Main Event win streak and all the momentum into Spring Break in Daytona. The sun was shining, music was bumping, and Breece was having the time of his life part way through the first Daytona Main Event. Just as Breece was making eye contact with the red plate like she was a beautiful lifeguard, the tacos he had for lunch had other plans. The term full-floater wasn’t referring to a Suzuki brake system and the lifeguard was shutting down Breece, the pool, and his opportunity for the red plate. He went flying into the tuff blocks in the rhythm section scoring a 3rd place in Main Event #1. Using his incredible ability on a dirt bike or some ridiculous charm, a run at taking the red plate and scoring a date with the cute lifeguard in Main Event #2 was somehow still on the table. Just as he was walking over to grab her hand Breece slipped on the pool deck. The last turn fall and subsequent walk of shame to the finish line pushing his Rock River Yamaha ended with a 6th place finish.

Spring Break for the Arenacross Series is just getting started in Daytona as we await a double-header next weekend. Series Championship battles are hotter than the Florida sun as Peters narrowly leads Breece by 3 points. The battle for third in the series between teammates Kyle Bitterman and Izaih Clark is at a single point gap and Mason Kerr holds down the 5th and final championship series bonus paying spot by 11 over rookie Crockett Myers. Grab your board shorts and floaties because you aren’t going to want to miss this pool party!

Main Image: AMA Arenacross

Written by Checkerz

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