Inside Arenacross Episode 3 – Chaos in Daytona

As the points gap between the two title contenders Kyle Peters and Ryan Breece got tighter, the series made its way to Daytona where the riders would face a track unlike any other. The first night inside the Ocean Center was a curveball nobody saw coming.

With Supercross riders lining up, the sandy track conditions, and the pressure of the championship, all of the ingredients were there for an exciting night of racing and yet it still over delivered. With all the talk about who else was lining up with the addition of Michael Hicks, Marshal Weltin, Jusitn Rodbell, and more.

Clark and Myers were left out of the discussions leading into the night. At the end of the night, Ryan Breece closed the gap from eight points to three, with just three rounds remaining.

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Written by DannyStu

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